Pyramid crystals healing

How To Use Pyramid Crystals For Energy Healing

Pyramids are one of humanity's most important geometric figures. Throughout all of history, significant areas have been marked with or housed in pyramids, from temples to the burial places of kings. People continue to make pilgrimages to these ancient structures for good reason. Even if you cannot, you can still tap into the power of pyramids by using crystals.

Why are pyramids sacred?

If you look at a pyramid, what do you notice about it first? No matter what kind of structure it is, or exactly what geometric form it follows, they all share the same overall pattern: They are wide at the base, tapering to a fine point at the top. This shape is the source of their power.

The tip of a pyramid is a bit like an antenna for energy. It collects it at this point, focusing it down toward the base. Imagine a shower. The water exits from one point, high up, flaring out as it pours downward. Rather than water, pyramids shower energy down on their occupants.

In Egypt, this power was used for preservation. This, coupled with mummification, kept the bodies of royals intact. Some people use pyramids to charge and preserve their food and water today.

What can crystal pyramids do?

Crystal pyramids are essentially miniature versions of larger pyramid structures. Even though they are small and not hollow, you do not need to be inside of a pyramid to benefit from its energy-focusing power. A crystal pyramid can still effectively collect and direct energy from its apex to its base. This makes them very effective tools for channeling energy into something, whether that is a person or an object placed beneath the pyramid.

Some pyramids are made of a substance called orgonite, which typically involves crystals and copper or other metals in a resin matrix. These are believed to be particularly effective at channeling orgone energy. This is life force energy, also known as prana or chi.

How should I use crystal pyramids for healing?

Think of a crystal pyramid as a special focusing form of a regular crystal. That means that you can use them in many of the same ways you might use a stone for healing. For example:

Create a Grid

You can place crystal or orgonite pyramids around your bed, bath, or body while you are asleep or meditating. Their energy will heal and reinforce your aura, allowing you to keep negative energy from impacting you.

You do not need a special grid layout for this. As long as the pyramids are around you and not too far away, you will benefit from their healing energy.

Place Them on Your Body

If you have a specific area of your body that is suffering from pain, inflammation, or other problems, you can place a crystal pyramid on or near this area to aid the healing process. This includes the body's chakras -- pyramids are an excellent way to clear, open, and energize all of your energy centers.

For best results, you should coordinate the pyramid you use to the appropriate energy center. A chakra pyramid set allows you to combine chakra-balancing properties of specific colors and gemstones with the properties of orgonite.

Prepare a Healing Elixir

Many crystal healers swear by gem elixirs. These are prepared by placing a gem either directly in demineralized water or in a glass vessel within a larger container of water. This allows the water to absorb the energetic properties of the crystal, creating a potent liquid that allows you to take a crystal's power internally.

You can use pyramids to do this by simply placing them beside a vessel of water and setting it in the sun. Early morning sunlight is popular, but some make their elixirs by the light of the full moon. Give the water time to absorb the energy channeled by the pyramid, then either consume it, put it in a spray bottle to mist your aura or add it to food or beverages. Prepare it fresh as needed.

Keep a Pyramid in Your Home

One of the best ways to heal yourself is by making sure your environment is conducive to healing. If your home is full of negative energy and toxic vibrations, it will hinder your healing process. Place a pyramid in the room (or rooms) you spend the most time in, so you can benefit from its healing energy. You may even notice your houseplants growing more vigorously, as well!

Orgonite and crystal pyramids are beautiful, powerful healing tools. The more time you spend meditating with, holding, or even just being around your pyramid, the stronger it will become.