Spiritual shower how to take

8 Simple Steps For Taking a Sacred Shower

Most magical traditions have some form of spiritual bathing. This also comes from back in the day, when people typically bathed in wash tubs. It is easy to maintain this tradition if you have a bathtub in your home, but what if you only have a shower?

Fear not! You can easily take a sacred shower, and it will be every bit as effective as soaking in a tub. Here is how:

1. Make sure you are physically clean.

The objective of a sacred shower is not to clean your body -- it is to allow you to absorb the energies of the ingredients you use. This means that you should take a regular shower before your spiritual shower. Make sure you are thoroughly clean.

2. Place a large bowl, basin, or other container in your shower.

Since you do not have a bathtub, this is what is going to hold the water and other ingredients. Set it in the bottom of your shower for easy access -- you do not want to have to walk through your entire house with a basin full of water!

3. Fill the container with fresh water.

Make sure the water is a comfortable temperature for you. If you can use filtered water, that is even better. Leave a bit of room for adding herbs, spiritual baths, salt, or other ingredients.

4. Add your other ingredients.

Here is where the magic comes in. Now you can add the spiritual bath of your choice.

Pour in some Fast Luck Bath & Floor Wash if you are in need of some good fortune in your life. Try Jinx Removing if you want to break a hex, jinx, or crossed condition. To draw love to you, or deepen your connection to your lover, try 7 Drops of Love. The possibilities are endless.

If you like, you can also create your own spiritual baths from herbs and crystals. Choose ingredients that match your intention (make sure they are safe to use in a bath!), and steep them in hot water to make an infusion. Strain the ingredients out, and pour the infusion into your basin of water.

Once all of your ingredients are added, mix the water by stirring it with your dominant hand. This is your "projective" hand, and the one you use to send your intention into the water. Visualize your desired outcome as you do this.

5. Use your spiritual bath.

Now that the water is blended with the ingredients and charged with your intention, it is ready to use. Step into the shower, and either pour the bowl or basin over your head, or use a cup to scoop out water and splash it over you. No matter which method you use, be sure to cover as much of your body as possible with the bath.

Take your time here. Give your aura and body a chance to take in the energy of the herbs and other ingredients. Picture your intention as if it has already happened -- see yourself as happy, healthy, loved, prosperous, and free.

6. Step out.

When the spiritual bath is used up, step out of the shower. Do not rinse off. Let yourself air dry, so you do not wipe away the bath.

7. Dispose of the water.

If you still have some of the used bath water, take your basin or bowl outside. There are special ways to dispose of it to complete the ritual.

In some traditions, it is customary to throw it over your shoulder toward the east at dawn, and walk back home without looking back. The east is associated with new beginnings, so it is useful for when you want to attract things into your life. Its is also associated with sunrise, so the sun can destroy any negative energy washed away by the bath.

8. Keep sacred soaps on hand.

You can also help achieve your desires using soap. Choose a spiritual soap that matches your desire, and keep it near your sink. Make it a small daily ritual to keep the energy of your intention fresh. As you use the soap, imagine yourself achieving all of your goals, just as you would if you were taking a sacred bath.

The "bath" aspect of spiritual bathing is not the important part. The objective with this practice is to allow yourself to soak up the energy of herbs, roots, stones, and other ingredients tied to your intention. Any way you are able to do this will help. If you have a shower, you can pour the bath over your body there. If you really have to, you can even do it outdoors. Mix your bath with care, take your time, and follow the instructions, and it will work -- no matter whether you are using a bathtub, wash basin, or just a mixing bowl.