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How To Perform a High John The Conqueror Success Spell

In this video, presented by Lulu, the significance and usage of the High John the Conqueror root in a success spell are explored. The High John root is known to symbolize love, luck, success, courage, and strength, making it a powerful talisman. Along with other rituals and spells, the High John root can be utilized to enhance one's chances of achieving success in various areas of life.

To perform the success spell, you will need a High John the Conqueror root, High John the Conqueror oil, and a candle (preferably a gold candle). Lulu advises starting by anointing the root with the High John oil. Visualize your goals and the specific areas of your life in which you seek success while anointing the root and candle from top to bottom. Maintaining focus and intention throughout this process is crucial.

Following the anointing, Lulu suggests reciting a prayer to accompany the spell. The prayer emphasizes the desire for a clear path, the absence of obstacles and strife, and blessings of good fortune and success in life. Trusting in the power of the High John root to guide and bring about the desired success and abundance is a key aspect of the prayer.

By utilizing the High John the Conqueror root, along with focused intention, anointing, and reciting the prayer, individuals can enhance their chances of achieving success and abundance in various aspects of their lives.