Rituals spells fix mend broken heart

Rituals and Spells To Heal A Broken Heart

Tragedy is an inevitable part of life. Whether it is losing a loved one or suffering through a breakup, everyone is guaranteed to feel some heartache at some point. Time heals all wounds, but you can help soothe your heart with the right spells and rituals.

Cut the Cord

Every time we enter a relationship with anyone, we become attached to them through a kind of spiritual tether. These cords allow energy to flow between us, but sometimes they stay intact longer than they need to be. Cord cutting is a ritual that helps sever these cords so we can regain our energy and begin healing.

One way to do this is with a bath. Anoint a white candle with some rose oil. Fill your bath, and add one cup of cleansing sea salt and fresh white rose petals. Set the candle somewhere in your bathroom, where you will be able to see it and smell its fragrance. Before you step into the bath, picture your relationship. It might be painful to do -- that is okay.

Imagine all of the reasons why you need to cut the cord between you. When you are ready, allow yourself to soak in the peaceful, cleansing energy of the water. Let it conjure up any emotions you still need to process. When the time is right, imagine the cord tying you to your ex-partner. Visualize yourself taking the cord in your hands, and say...

What tied us together, now undo.
I will now be free of you.

Picture yourself cutting the cord in half with whatever seems right -- a golden knife, a silver sickle, even a big pair of scissors. Step out of the bath and snuff the candle. You are free.

Healing Self-Love

Sometimes, recovering from heartbreak is difficult because we think we need another person's love. In reality, we must learn to love ourselves in order to feel whole. Crystals are a great way to learn self-love. Rose quartz is considered one of the best love-drawing stones, including self-love. Moonstone is an excellent stone for introspection and balancing emotions. Amethyst helps us gain clarity, and see through the lies that tell us we are not worthy of love.

Carry these stones with you, and take time to meditate with them and feel their energies. Hold them in your non-dominant hand, close your eyes, and let your feelings surface. Focus on feeling the energy of the stone, and listen to your intuition. For extra help, wear a bracelet made of amethyst or rose quartz to help you tap into these feelings throughout the day.

Soothing a Broken Heart

Sometimes, the problem is not an uncut cord or a lack of self-love, it is simply the pain of loss. Our bodies respond to heartbreak the same way they would an actual injury. Calm and heal your heart by taking a piece of rose quartz, a pink candle anointed with some Peace oil, some rose petals, some honey or sugar, and your favorite tea (chamomile or lemon balm works well for this) to a quiet, peaceful spot.

Start by holding the rose quartz in your hands. Visualize your pain flowing into it. If you need to cry, cry. Let everything out, and let the stone draw it in. Set the stone down in front of the candle, and sprinkle the rose petals around both. Next, light the candle. Take your cup of tea, and slowly stir in some of the honey. As the candle burns, sip the sweetened tea, and picture the honey and herbs bringing their calm, healing sweetness to the places you need it most. Breathe in the scent of the Peace oil, and know that you are surrounded by peacefulness and love from your spirit guides and ancestors. When you are through, snuff the candle and place the rose quartz in sunlight, moonlight, or running water to be cleansed.

Healing heartbreak is simple, but it is not easy. Even though emotional wounds heal with time, sometimes we cannot simply wait for the pain to subside. By tending to a broken heart on a spiritual level, you can help bring yourself the comfort and healing you need.