Unconditional love rituals spells

Ways To Cultivate and Attract Unconditional Love

Have you ever experienced unconditional love? This is true love that never fades and does not come with any strings attached. Most people will only experience it from their close family members, but there are ways to cultivate and attract more unconditional love in your life.

Tap Into Self-Love

The first step toward getting unconditional love is acknowledging that you deserve it. This is difficult for most people -- it can be very hard to recognize that you are worthy of being loved without expectation.

On a day when the moon is waxing, preferably on a Friday, dress two pink candles with sandalwood and attar of rose oil, and roll them in dried rose buds and petals. Place them on either side of a mirror. If all you have is a hand mirror, that is fine -- simply hold it up with one candle on either side of you.

Light the candles. While gazing into the mirror, look deep into your eyes. Resist the urge to notice anything about your physical form -- just focus on your eyes. Say,

"The eyes are the windows of the soul.
I bare my soul, I open my heart,
To true self-love.
I am worthy of care and respect.
I am deserving of love.
So it must be."

Snuff the candles. Repeat this spell each night until the full moon, then dispose of the remains in a body of water with gratitude.

Work on Your Heart Chakra

If your heart chakra, Anahata, is unbalanced or blocked, it can make it difficult to manifest true love in your life. You may exhibit behavior that chases others away, or feel that you must seek validation that can only come from within. Even if this is not the case for you, it is a good idea to work on clearing and opening this chakra every now and then.

There are many ways to do this, but crystals are one of the simplest. You can cleanse and charge a rose quartz pendant, and wear it so it hangs near the heart area. If that is not your style, you can also keep a tumbled rose quartz in a pocket or pouch. You may also wish to meditate with a rose quartz heart placed over the heart chakra area.

Perform an Unconditional Love Ritual

With the preparation complete, you can perform a simple unconditional love ritual. This cannot be one-sided, however -- if you ask for unconditional love from someone, you must be prepared to offer it in return.

Light a candle to Oshun and offer her a dish of honey, asking her to fill you with her sweetness and joy.

You can also perform a love spell to make yourself a magnet for unconditional love and desire. Begin by taking a bath with a Love Drawing bath bomb or Love bath and floor wash. As you soak, visualize your heart, aura, and every pore in your skin opening to receive an outpouring of true, pure love.

When you are ready, exit and let yourself naturally air dry. If you like, you can dust yourself with Love sachet powder, or anoint your skin with Love cologne. Take the time to acknowledge your desirable qualities, inside and out, and enjoy the process of treating yourself as a beautiful, divine being.

Next, sit in front of a love-drawing candle. This can be specific to your situation -- if you wish to gain the unconditional love of your partner, you may want to use a pink hugging candle dressed with Adam and Eve oil and engraved with your names on the base. Otherwise, you can use a pink image candle to represent the person whose love you wish to obtain, or a plain pink candle dressed with sandalwood and rose oil.

In front of the candle, place an Unconditional Love bracelet. Light the candle's wick. As it burns, say,

"I am worthy. I am deserving. I gratefully take in all light and love sent my way, and return it just as powerfully. Love comes to me in greater abundance every day. I accept the unconditional love of all of those around me."

When the candle has burned completely, dispose of the remains. Wear the bracelet as a love-drawing charm, and continue to use the sachet powder or cologne as you see fit.

Unconditional love is a noble goal, but it is not always easy to give or accept. The first steps to receiving it are knowing that you are worthy, and ensuring that you are able to return that love in equal measure. After doing this inner work, you can attract the pure, unchanging devotion that you desire.