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Eliminate Bad Dreams and Nightmares With These Spells

Are you plagued by nightmares? Do you sometimes dread going to sleep at night, because you are afraid of your bad dreams? Many people experience bad dreams when they have a lot of stress or even physical problems like indigestion. If this is not the case for you, your nightmares might have a deeper spiritual meaning.

The Spiritual Causes of Bad Dreams

Being surrounded by negative energy may be enough to cause a nightmare or two. Your energy body is very sensitive, and can very easily pick up on minor disruptions. Sometimes, nightmares are the result of a hex or curse. If an enemy wishes to torment you, there are few ways more effective than attacking you while you sleep. This can be enough to make you tired, grumpy, and even afraid the next day, allowing your enemy to intrude on your waking life.

In other cases, bad dreams can be the product of the shadow self.

What is the shadow self?

Most people are on their best behavior in public. They do not want people to judge or think poorly of them, so they are careful to rein in their behavior. This public face is your persona, the way you choose to present yourself to others. On the other side, there is the "shadow self." This is the opposite of the persona. It is made up of all of the things that we hide -- fears, impulses, and secret desires.

When we repress our shadow self, it can come out in our dreams. Since it is built of all of the things we dread and fear about ourselves, these dreams are usually bad. Even if they are not truly nightmares, they may still fill us with shame and fear. These dreams call our attention to the part of ourselves that are in need of healing.

Shadow work allows us to heal this hidden aspect. When we can properly integrate our shadow selves, they stop coming out when we sleep. This often takes a long and uncomfortable process of spiritual and mental reflection, but lets us heal old trauma, live truthfully, and eliminate our bad dreams.

Spells and Rituals to Stop Nightmares and Bad Dreams

First, make sure your room is uncluttered, peaceful, and cleansed. Try using incense or cleansing herbs like sage to clear the energy. Place an energy-cleansing crystal-like black tourmaline near your bed. Avoid spicy foods, loud music, or using your phone or computer an hour before sleeping. Then, try these spells:

Simple Medieval Nightmare Charms

Fill a white cloth bag with anise seeds, mullein leaves, or dried rosemary. Visualize the pouch filling with a protective golden light. Place it inside of your pillowcase to guard you from nightmares.

You can also grow a hyacinth plant in a pot near your bed. The scent of hyacinths or hyacinth oil is said to banish nightmares.

Chase Away Nightmares with Anil and Camphor

Anil and camphor are powerful cleansers that can protect your dreams. Fill a cup with fresh water, and add a bluing square or ball and one block of camphor. Holding the cup in both hands, say a short prayer to your deities, angels, or guardian spirits to ask for protection. Place the cup beneath your bed.

Refill the cup with a fresh mixture every week.

A Hex-Breaking Spiritual Bath

A warm bath can help relax you before bed. It can also rid you of any hexes harming your sleep. You will need:

First, make sure you are physically clean. Then, fill your tub with warm, clean water. Add the Spell Breaker bath and stir it in a counterclockwise direction with your dominant hand. Dress the Spell Breaker candle with a drop of Spell Breaker oil, and light it. While it burns, step into the bath. Visualize the water dissolving and carrying it away any hexes placed on you. Picture yourself relaxed and happy, sleeping peacefully and having sweet dreams. (Be sure to immerse yourself fully in the water!)

When you are ready, step out of the bath. Snuff the candle, and allow yourself to air dry.

A Moon Spell for Peaceful Sleep

You will need:

Dress the candle with a drop or two of the oil, and set it on a table near a window. Place the bracelet around the base of the candle. Sit in front of the window, and say...

The moon shines above, in beauty and love.
The stars also gleam, lighting my dreams.
As I lay down to rest, I know I am blessed,
I am guarded and safe, until the day breaks.

Light the candle. Close your eyes, breathe in the relaxing scent of the lavender, and picture images full of peaceful beauty. When you are ready, snuff the candle, put on the bracelet, and go to bed.

Your sleep should be a sacred time when you dream, rest, and receive messages from your angels and guides. Nightmares can get in the way of that. With shadow work, energy cleansing, and spells to get rid of nightmares, you can go back to having healing, peaceful sleep every night.