Breaking bad habits spells rituals

Break Bad Habits with Spiritual Work

It takes about twenty one days to make or break a habit, but some are more stubborn than others. While it is always a good idea to seek the help of a professional when it comes to your physical health, spiritual work can help to make the process easier. No matter whether you are dealing with a social media addiction, or something as serious as smoking, overeating, or substance abuse, spiritual work is a powerful first step to living a freer, healthier lifestyle.

Positive Thinking and Manifestation to Break Bad Habits

One idea behind manifestation is that we create our reality through our thoughts. Our thoughts dictate our words and actions, and these shape our experiences. This can have a powerful effect when it comes to shedding bad habits.

Bad habits are often comforting behaviors that get out of control. You are stressed, so you have a cigarette. You have a rough day, so you pick up fast food instead of cooking. You are nervous, so you bite your nails. While positive thinking is not a cure, it helps limit the emotional stress and pain that can trigger you to indulge in your habits.

Reinforce your positive thinking patterns with meditation. Anoint a white candle with Peace Oil, or use a Peace & Tranquility Candle. Set the candle beside some lavender incense, and light both. As the candle burns and the incense smoke rises, sit, close your eyes, and visualize yourself free of your negative habits. Do not focus on the difficulty you might experience breaking them -- just pay attention to the joy, freedom, and peace awaiting you.

Once you are done meditating, write out your goal in a journal or on a sheet of paper, and why you want to achieve it. This can be something like, "I choose to follow a healthy diet, so I can live longer," or "I choose to give up drugs and alcohol, so I can feel better." Whatever your desire is, write it down.

The Garlic Habit-Breaking Spell

This simple spell uses a fresh bulb of garlic to help rid you of any bad habit you desire.

Perform this spell on a waning moon. As the moon decreases, your urge to engage in your bad habit will decrease as well. Take a piece of paper or parchment, and write out your habit. For extra power, anoint the paper with garlic oil. Cross it out nine times horizontally, then give the paper a quarter turn and cross it out nine times vertically. Fold the paper up, and place it in a pot of soil. Next, take a bulb of garlic. Hold it in your hands, and say,

"By this soil, herb, and moon, I rid myself of [name your bad habit]."

Plant the garlic bulb above the paper. As the garlic grows, your urge to engage in your habit will decrease. Put your energy into this spell by watering and tending the garlic.

An Affirmation Spell to Quit a Bad Habit

Before performing this spell, you will need a list of all of the reasons you want to quit. When you have that list, turn them into positive affirmations:

  • "Alcohol costs too much money" becomes "I have abundant spending money."
  • "Being overweight leaves me short of breath" becomes "I can run, exercise, and breathe freely."
  • "I have to smoke outside in the heat" becomes "I enter and leave as I please."

Take a black candle anointed with a drop of Pine oil, and set four amethysts around it. Black is a color of banishing, to remove your desire to smoke. Pine oil is cleansing and grounding. Amethysts bring peace and healing. With this spell, you cement your desire to shed your bad habit, be healed and cleansed, and step into a peaceful, healthy life.

Light the candle. As the flame grows, say,
"[Name your habit] does not control me.
I am free, well, and at peace."

As the candle burns, read one of your affirmations. Repeat it to yourself three times. When you feel the energy of your intention, snuff the candle. Repeat it each night, using a different affirmation, until the candle is spent. Carry the amethysts with you during the day to remind you of your intention.

Breaking a bad habit can be mentally, physically, and spiritually difficult. If you are ready to take the next step to improving your life, these spells can help give you the will, peace, and power you need.