9 piece argayu tools

Tools for Orisha Aganju

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Unleash the transformative power of the Orisha Aganju (also known as Agayú, Aggayú, or Aganyú) with our comprehensive 9-Piece Orisha Tool Set. Carefully curated and beautifully crafted, each tool represents a symbol associated with Aganju, helping you connect with his strength and grounding energy.


This 9-piece set is not only a collection of tools; it's an embodiment of Aganju's power and the transformational forces he represents. Whether you're deepening your connection with this powerful Orisha, invoking his energies, or seeking his guidance during challenging times, this toolset is a valuable addition to your spiritual practices.

These tools represent the sacred symbols of Aganju and include a double-edged axe, sword (ida), and staff (Opa Osun).

  • 9-piece Orisha Tool Set for Aganju