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Toasted Corn (Maiz Tostado)

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Toasted Corn (Maiz Tostado) represents the process of sacrifice and is used as an offering to the Orishas and other African spirits to show gratitude, ask for blessings, and ask for their protection.

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Aside from being used as an offering, Toasted Corn (Maiz Tostado) is also used in rituals of purification because the smoke of the toasted corn is believed to help in cleansing and purifying the body and the spirit. It is also used in initiation rituals, and in ceremonies designed to bring good luck and prosperity by eliminating negative energies.

Toasted Corn (Maiz Tostado) is also used for divination as it is believed the patterns formed by the toasted corn can reveal messages from the Orishas and entities in the spiritual world.

As it is considered to be a symbol of sustenance and nourishment, it is commonly used as a food offering to ancestors for guidance to help the living with their goals and desires.

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