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Camphor Blocks

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Camphor is used for a variety of spiritual purposes including purification and cleansing, as well as limiting evil spirits and negative entities. Camphor can also be added to any other spiritual mixtures to add extra power.

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What Are Camphor Blocks Used For

  • Purification: In Santeria, camphor blocks are used to purify the air and space before rituals and ceremonies. The strong aroma is believed to dispel negative energy and create a positive and uplifting atmosphere.
  • Spiritual protection: Camphor blocks are also used for protection in Santeria. The strong aroma is believed to ward off negative energy and promote peace and harmony. You may grate the camphor block and burn it on top of some charcoal to cleanse your home.
  • Offerings: Camphor blocks can be used as an offering to the Orishas (deities) in Santeria. The fragrance of the camphor is considered to be pleasing to the gods and is often used in rituals to invoke their blessings and protection.
  • Healing rituals: In Santeria, camphor blocks can be used in healing rituals to help alleviate physical and emotional pain. The strong aroma is believed to have a therapeutic effect on the body and mind, helping to promote physical and emotional wellness.
  • To ward off evil spirits: Place a block of camphor in a bowl of water and keep it underneath your bed to spiritually cleanse your home.

For external use only.

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