Reversible scented quartz candle
Reversible scented quartz candle top

Reversible Scented Quartz Tin Candle

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Experience transformation and restoration with the Reversible Scented Quartz Tin CandleScented Quartz Tin Candle (Vela Aromática Con Cuarzo). This powerful candle aids in reversing negative energies and promoting a harmonious environment.


The Reversible Scented Quartz Tin Candle is a spiritual tool designed to reverse negative influences and restore balance. Crafted with the intention of reversing harmful energies, this candle aids in neutralizing and turning away negative situations, promoting harmony and restoration.

Adorned with Crystal Chips, this candle harnesses the purifying properties of quartz, aiding in the reversal of negative magic.

  • Intentions: Protection, Clear Negative Energies, Heal Obstacles
  • Fragrance: Mysore Wood
  • Contains Crystal Chips
  • Comes with Prayer in English and Spanish