Attraction commanding lotion

Marta La Dominadora Attraction & Commanding Lotion

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Our Marta La Dominadora Attraction & Commanding Lotion is a powerful spiritual aid designed for those seeking to harness control and allure in their lives. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Saint Martha the Dominator, this lotion is a unique blend of pheromones and sacred oils, tailored for empowering and enchanting use.


Infused with the essence of Santa Marta La Dominadora, this lotion is believed to offer protection and empower users in their personal and spiritual endeavors. Enhanced with potent pheromones, this lotion is designed to attract attention and create an aura of irresistible charm, making it ideal for those seeking to boost their magnetism. Whether your aim is to captivate a loved one, gain respect in professional settings, or command a room, this lotion's commanding properties are suited for various contexts, from the intimate to the public.

  • 2 oz bottle