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Ibeji Twin Dolls

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This pair of Ibeji Twin dolls, also known as Ibelli, Ibeyi, Meji, Melli, or Jimaguas, is a cherished representation of the divine siblings in Yoruba mythology. These beautifully crafted dolls are made of high-quality plastic, and feature movable eyes that seem to capture the lively spirit of the Ibeji Twins. Standing at an impressive height of approximately 10 inches, these dolls are a tangible embodiment of the sacred bond between the divine twins.


Discover the treasured embodiment of the divine siblings in Yoruba mythology with this exceptional pair of Ibeji Twin dolls. Meticulously crafted from top-notch plastic, these dolls possess captivating movable eyes that effortlessly convey the vibrant essence of the Ibeji Twins. Standing tall at approximately 10 inches, they offer a tangible representation of the profound and sacred connection shared by these divine twins.

Each doll is adorned with cloth clothing, carefully designed to reflect the vibrant cultural heritage of the Yoruba people. Their colorful attire, intricately detailed with traditional patterns and motifs, adds a touch of authenticity and cultural significance to these cherished collectibles.

These Ibeji Twin dolls are more than just exquisitely crafted toys; they are a symbol of reverence and a reminder of the enduring presence and blessings of the divine twins. Display them proudly in your home, on your altar, or as part of your spiritual practice, and let the energy and essence of the Ibeji Twins enrich your space.

  • 10 inches tall
  • Movable eyes
  • Cloth clothing

The Spiritual Uses of Ibeji Dolls

Ibeji dolls have significant spiritual uses in the Yoruba religion and related traditions. They serve to connect with the divine essence of the Ibeji Twins, symbolizing their presence and allowing practitioners to seek blessings, guidance, and protection. These dolls are used in rituals, offering prayers and offerings to honor the Ibeji Twins and seek healing, blessings, and protection.

They also foster harmonious sibling relationships, provide guidance, and serve as protective talismans. Ibeji dolls represent childhood innocence, fertility, and the joy of youth, reminding practitioners of the sacredness of life and family. Their spiritual significance may vary, and consulting knowledgeable practitioners is recommended for a deeper understanding.