Fuelle de Hierro (Iron Bellows)

Fuelle de Hierro (Iron Bellows)

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The Fuelle de Hierro (Iron Bellows) is a symbol of the Orisha Orula, and is also used to cleanse and purify spaces, people, or objects by blowing air onto them. This is done to remove any negative energy or influences and to bring blessings and positive energy into the area or person.


The Fuelle de Hierro is a sacred tool in Santeria and Yoruba religion that is used for divination, purification, and as a representation of the breath of Orula. Its use is reserved for initiated practitioners, and it is considered an important part of their spiritual practice.

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What Is a Fuelle de Hierro?

Within Santeria and the Yoruba religion, the Fuelle de Hierro (Iron Bellows), also known as the "Bellow of Orula", is used for specific ritual purposes. Orula (also known as Orunmila) is a major deity in the Yoruba religion and is associated with divination and wisdom. The Iron Fuelle is considered a sacred tool that represents the breath of Orula, and its use is generally reserved for those who have been initiated into the religion.

The Fuelle de Hierro is used in various ceremonies and rituals, such as the ceremony to receive the Mano de Orula (the hand of Orula) or during the divination process of Ifa. During these ceremonies, the Iron Fuelle is used to blow air onto the divination board or mat, which is covered in sacred powder, to reveal messages from Orula. It is believed that the air blown from the Fuelle de Hierro carries the wisdom and insight of Orula, and helps to guide the divination process.