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The Tools to Becoming Irresistible

When you really want to catch someone's eye, performing spells to draw love are only part of the equation. For many people, lust is a big part of romantic love -- they want their lover to find them irresistible. If you want the power to turn heads every time you walk into the room, there are things you can do to help.

Wear the Right Fragrance

Smell is a powerful attractant. It can subtly influence a person's mood and mindset, and few things are as useful as a distinctive fragrance for helping you stand out from the crowd. To make sure all eyes (and noses!) are turned your way, wear perfumes with ingredients specifically chosen to make others powerless against your charms. Fragrances like Irresistible Perfume draw the attention of the opposite sex. If you already have your eye on someone, Come to Me Perfume can help bring them closer to you. Though it is not a perfume by itself, a little rosemary oil is useful for creating an unforgettable impression.

Try Pheromones

While fragrances we can smell can influence us, we are also at the mercy of those we cannot. Pheromones are substances that send signals to others, without our even realizing it. They can signal everything from alarm, to the desire to attract a lover. Pheromone oil can be worn alone, or added to another fragrance to help further boost its ability to make you irresistibly tempting.

Carry an Attraction Talisman

Aside from fragrances, there are other things you can wear to make sure all eyes are on you. An Irresistible Attraction Amulet helps imbue everything you do with a special something that others cannot help but respond to, while a Come to Me Bracelet petitions Saint Valentine for assistance in attracting a lover to you. You can also make your own to carry.

Use a square of appropriately-colored fabric (usually red or pink), pink or red rose petals, dill seeds, a piece of rose quartz, or any other attraction stones and herbs you like. Tie them up together in the fabric, anoint with an attraction oil, and keep with you whenever you might be around someone you wish to attract.

Use Attraction Oils

While many ingredients that attract lovers find their way into perfumes and colognes, they are also useful as anointing oils. Anoint yourself before going out, or make it part of a spell or ritual to boost your allure. Irresistible Oil or Follow Me Oil can be used to anoint yourself, a pink or red candle, Adam and Eve candles, a piece of rose quartz, or a love sachet. For a simple ritual to make you even more charming to the one you desire, you can:

1. Place an orange candle, a pink candle, and a mirror on your altar or ritual space.
2. Mix together a few drops of honey, and a few drops of the attraction oil of your choice, and anoint the candles.
3. Light the candles.
4. Hold the mirror up so you can see yourself. Admire yourself, focusing on the beauty of your best features. Visualize yourself surrounded by swirling pink and orange light. This light is warm, playful, and inviting. Picture yourself with your ideal lover -- be specific about the traits you want, but avoid focusing on a particular person.
5. As you gaze, say: "With this spell, I am irresistible. If it be in accordance with the higher good, no one I desire can resist my charms."
6. Allow the candles to burn down completely. If you prefer, use large 14 Day candles, and repeat the spell for several days. You can also repeat it before going out.
7. Every time you leave the house, visualize yourself surrounded by the pink and orange light. Reaffirm to yourself that you are alluring and irresistible.

Sometimes, being irresistible is as easy as moving through the world with confidence and grace -- but a little magic never hurt! By choosing the right scents, colored candles, jewelry, and talismans to boost your attractiveness, you can be powerfully alluring to whoever you desire.