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Devil Candle Black

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Dive deep into the world of folk magic with the Black Devil Candle, revered in various traditions and also known as the "Black Man" or "Black Figure" candle. Rooted in ancient customs and practices, its uses are as multifaceted as the tales that surround it, shifting and adapting to the intentions of its users.

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Plunge into the realm of folk magic with the Black Devil Candle, esteemed across diverse traditions and alternatively termed the "Black Man" or "Black Figure" candle. Anchored in age-old rituals and traditions, its purposes are as varied as the stories that envelop it, evolving based on the desires and intentions of the practitioner.

  • Paraffin Wax
  • Approximately 8 inches tall

Ritual & Spiritual Uses

  • Protection or Reversal: While the candle can be used to send negative energy, it can also be used in protective measures to repel or reverse curses and hexes that someone else might have placed.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Symbolically, the devil can represent challenges or obstacles. Using the Black Devil Candle in rituals can signify overcoming or confronting these challenges.
  • Binding: Similar to domination, but with a more specific intent, it can be used to bind someone from causing harm or taking specific actions.
  • Repulsion or Banishment: To drive away unwanted energies, entities, or individuals from one's life.
  • Exploration of One's Shadow Self: The "shadow" in psychological and some spiritual terms refers to the unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself. The Black Devil Candle might be used in rituals meant to explore, confront, or integrate these shadow aspects.
  • Domination: In some hoodoo and folk magic practices, this candle is employed in rituals meant to dominate, coerce, or control another person's will or actions.