Santa muerte cologne against harm

Crusellas Santa Muerte Death Against Harm Cologne

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Crusellas Santa Muerte Death Against Harm Cologne is a protective fragrance designed to shield users from harm and negative energies. Infused with the essence of Santa Muerte, it serves as a spiritual aid in rituals for protection. This cologne is mild-scented, suitable for external use, and can be applied to the body, bath water, or used to anoint objects and spaces for divine protection. It's a daily reminder and tool for those seeking the safeguarding grace of Holy Death against adverse forces.


Crusellas Santa Muerte Death Against Harm Cologne is a spiritually charged fragrance crafted to offer protection and guard against negative influences. This cologne is formulated for external use, embodying the protective essence of Santa Muerte, the revered figure of Holy Death. It is designed to be used not just as a personal fragrance but as a potent tool in rituals and spiritual practices aimed at warding off harm and fostering a shield against adverse forces.

Users may apply it to their bodies, add it to bath water, or use it to anoint sacred objects and spaces to invoke the protective blessings of Santa Muerte. Its mild scent serves as a constant reminder of the divine safeguarding present, making it suitable for daily application or specific ritual use to maintain a barrier against negativity.

  • 7.5 oz Crusellas Cologne