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Chamalongos - Set of 4

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Chamalongos, round coconut shell pieces, are vital for divination in Palo, allowing communication with the spiritual world. They reveal insights through their unique casting patterns, offering guidance from ancestors and deities. Essential for decision-making and spiritual connectivity, Chamalongos are prepared with deep reverence, embodying the essence of divination and wisdom in Palo Mayombe practices.


Chamalongos are integral divination tools within the rich spiritual tapestry of the Congo-Cuban religion of Palo, serving as a primary conduit for communication with the spiritual realm. Crafted from coconut shells, these round pieces are revered for their ability to facilitate profound dialogues with spirits and powers beyond our ordinary understanding.

The practice of consulting Chamalongos involves ritualized casting, where the patterns and orientations of the shells reveal messages, guidance, and insights from the ancestors and deities, guiding practitioners in their spiritual journey, decision-making, and problem-solving.

These sacred objects are not merely tools but are considered to hold the essence of divination itself, embodying the wisdom of Palo Mayombe. For practitioners seeking clarity, connection with their spiritual guides, or answers to life's intricate questions, Chamalongos offer a direct line to divine wisdom.

Each set is prepared with reverence, ensuring that the spiritual integrity and power of the Chamalongos are preserved, making them a must-have for those deeply immersed in spiritual practices.

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