Butchers broom

Butcher's Broom Herb

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Butcher's Broom is a powerful herb in protection spells and rituals. Known for its ability to bring calm to both humans and animals, the root is commonly used in protection incense and divination practices to enhance focus and access psychic powers.

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Butcher's Broom is a powerful herb known for its protective properties in spiritual practices. When used in protection charms or burned as incense, it can bring peace and calm to the environment, as well as enhance focus and access to psychic powers during divination practices. Burn the root while performing divination with tarot, runes, pendulum, or other methods to stay focused and tap into your intuition.

Make the Butcher's Broom into a tea and sprinkle it inside and outside your home to keep evil away. For spiritual cleansing put the Butcher's Broom into a white handkerchief and rub it every day on your body.

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