Yemaya orisha prayer protection

A Yemaya Prayer For Her Divine Protection

In this video, viewers will experience a heartfelt prayer dedicated to Yemaya, the revered Orisha and mother of the seas. The prayer opens with a call to Yemaya, inviting her presence with open hearts. As the goddess of the ocean and queen of water, Yemaya is invoked to embrace her followers with her protective and compassionate spirit. Her waves are described as healing and soothing, offering solace and comfort to those in need.

Oh Yemayá, Mother of the Seas,
Your children call upon you with open hearts.
Goddess of the Ocean, Queen of Water,
Embrace us with your deep blue cloak.

Your waves of compassion wash over us,
Healing our wounds, soothing our spirits.
Great Mother, we seek your protection,
As you guide us through the storms of life.

Bearer of comfort, Giver of life,
Your wisdom as vast as the seas,
Guide us with your gentle hand,
Lead us to safe shores, to peaceful waters.

Yemayá, mighty Orisha, with each wave’s crest,
Bless us with abundance and fertility.
Fill our lives with peace and joy,
As we navigate the vast oceans of life.

Accept our offerings, hear our prayers,
Oh, sweet Mother of Waters.
Let your blessings flow like your sacred rivers,
And your love be as deep as the sea.


This prayer is for seeking Yemaya’s protection and guidance through life's challenges, as She is a nurturing mother figure who leads her children to safety and peace. Yemaya's wisdom is as vast as the seas, and we ask her for her gentle hand to guide her followers to peaceful waters.