Sachet powders rootwork

Using Magical Sachet Powders For Rootwork

Sachet powders, also known as blowing or sprinkling powders, have been a tool in psychic, spiritual, and religious circles for many centuries. These heavily fragrant powders are used to ward off evil, bring luck and prosperity, and enhance love relationships. Magical sachet powders are a potent and useful way to affect not only one's own life but that of someone else's as well.

The History of Sachet Powders

The use of these powders can be traced back to the beliefs surrounding the ancient African tradition of foot tracking. The theory behind African foot tracking was that a person could be influenced by another by stepping foot on certain substances. The feet were thought to absorb magical energy and spread it throughout the body, thus manifesting the desired intention.

For example, if you were trying to catch the attention of a man you wished to marry, you would sprinkle Love Me sachet powder along a path you were certain he would walk. The powder would be absorbed into his feet and carried to his heart, leading him to fall madly in love with you.

Spiritual sachet powders are made up of a combination of ingredients. The base of the ritual powders is most often talc or cornstarch. The talc is then blended with herbs and minerals and anointing oils are added to provide the fragrance.

How to use Sachet Powders

Sachet powders can be used in a variety of ways. The method of use can depend on who the magical effects are intended for. When using the powders to affect one’s own circumstances, they are often worn in a mojo bag.

For Good Luck and Success

When in need of a change of luck, carry Good Luck sachet powder in a green mojo bag. Sprinkle some of the powder by your front door to invite luck in. You can also anoint a 7 Day Fast Luck Candle with the powder.

Blowing or casting the powder towards the four cardinal directions is another way to invoke their magic. Choose a powder that best suits your needs, for example, Commanding sachet powder to gain an upper hand over your enemies or Exorcism sachet powder to rid your surroundings of demons.

Blow the powder towards the North, the South, the West, and lastly, the East. Say the following prayer as you complete the ritual, or prepare your own prayer that meets your intentions:

Success is coming soon to me,
Prosperity is flowing unto me,
So mote it be.

Adding Sachet Powders To Incense

Sachet powders can also be added to your favorite incense to increase its potency. They can also be sprinkled on candles or around your home. Sprinkle Black Cat sachet powder around your home to remove a hex. Dragon’s Blood sachet powder will help prevent evil from harming you if you sprinkle it by your front door. Sprinkle Money Drawing or Prosperity powder on your wallet to bring fortune your way.

Changing Someone's Intentions

When looking to change another person’s intentions, the methods of using magical sachet powder are different. The oldest tradition of using sachet powder involves walking backward as you sprinkle the powder.

Choose a location you know the intended person will walk through and lightly spread the magic powder back and forth as you walk backward. You may choose to recite a prayer or psalm as you walk to help increase the potency of your ritual.

Dressing a letter or card with powder is one of the easiest and most potent ways to deliver it to the desired recipient. Lightly sprinkle the paper with the sachet powder that you find best correlates to your goal. Desire Me sachet powder will attract the one you desire to you. Peace sachet powder can help mend broken relationships and foster goodwill between friends.

Using Sachet Powders On the Body

Sachet powders can also be worn on the body or put on clothing. Sprinkle Stay Home sachet powder into your lover’s shoes to keep them from straying. Wear Controlling sachet powder to gain control over a difficult situation. When performing a ritual, sprinkle Van Van powder on you and your altar to increase your spiritual awareness.