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Soak Up the Summer Solstice's Magic With These Rituals

In many magical traditions, the Sun is the symbol of success, prosperity, and even purity. It is what makes plants grow, and dispels all negative energy. The summer solstice is when the Sun is at the height of its power, so it is the perfect time to tap into this energy of abundance. These spells will help you align with the summer solstice, to draw all of the Sun's positivity and blessings into your life:

Build and Empower a Solar Altar

The summer solstice only comes once a year, but there is no reason you cannot use the Sun's energy year-round. Since the Sun represents growth, abundance, prosperity, success, joy, and all things positive and optimistic, a solar altar can be used for all of these things.

Choose a surface in your home that will not be disturbed. A small table under a window is best, where the sunlight can shine on your altar. Set it with a white, red, orange, yellow, or gold cloth, and red, yellow, orange, or gold candles. You may also want to include solar crystals, like pyrite or citrine. (Avoid leaving crystal balls uncovered on this altar -- if the sunlight hits them, they can create a fire hazard.) If you have any tiles, bowls, artwork, or other objects featuring images of the Sun, feel free to include those too. Similarly, you may also want to include fresh sunflowers, marigolds or other bright yellow or orange blooms.

When your altar is all set, open the window and let the fresh air and sunlight in. Ask the Sun to charge your sacred space with its power, and send the energy of abundance and positivity to work in your life. Take a moment to picture all of the wonderful blessings you already have. Express your gratitude, for without the Sun, none of these things (or even life on Earth as we know it) would exist. When you feel that the Sun's power is at its highest, light the candles and thank the Sun for its influence. After the solstice, use the candles and crystals as representations of the Sun in your other magical workings.

Solar Healing

One of the very nice things about solar magic is that you often only need two things: You, and the Sun. If you are experiencing emotional pain or grief, go outside. Sit in a place where the Sun's rays can fall on you. We often hold emotional tension in our physical bodies -- If possible, expose the part of you that feels tense or sore to the sunlight. Ask the Sun to send its warmth and joy into you, to warm away your pain. Send your grief into the Earth, to be transformed. Breathe in the warm, fresh air, letting the energy of the Sun flow freely in and out of you. When you feel ready, thank the Sun for its healing light.

A Spell to Release Old Energy

Negativity is burned away in sunlight. The summer solstice also represents the brightest point of the year, as the polar opposite of the dark and cold of winter. This makes it the best time to send away the things you no longer need or want in your life, and fill this empty space with the Sun's brightness and positive energy.

This ritual is best performed outside. Start with a fireproof bowl, a piece of paper, and a pen. Take a moment to think of all of the old habits and situations that are negatively impacting your life. Maybe you would like to stop biting your nails, quit smoking, or leave your old job for a better opportunity. Write these things down in as much detail as possible.

Place a piece of charcoal in the fireproof bowl. Light it, and surround it with a few pinches of dried calendula, rosemary, and St. John's wort. Fold up the paper, and place it atop the charcoal. As it burns and releases its smoke into the sky, picture these unwanted things leaving your life. Stand in the sunlight and let it warm your skin. Ask for the Sun's optimism and joy to fill the spaces these unwanted things once occupied. Offer your thanks.

General Solar Magic for the Summer Solstice

As a rule, the summer solstice is a perfect time for any workings related to healing, money, love, or the attraction of any and all positive things. If you have a spell that you have been wanting to try, why not use the Sun's energy to help? It is all about drawing in good and eradicating evil.

If you can, be outside in the sunlight, or open your home to the fresh, warm breeze. Dispose of stagnant or malevolent energy by exposing it to the power of the Sun.

Spells involving the element of Fire are particularly useful. Try candle spells, anything that involves burning incense, or even building a bonfire. Use the colors yellow, red, orange, or gold. You can use either traditionally solar herbs for your workings, like rosemary, calendula, St. John's wort, or chamomile, or look to your local environment and see what herbs and flowers are in season this time of year.

What does the Sun mean to you? Traditionally, it is a symbol of warmth, light, and life. The summer solstice is a magically powerful time, ideal for attracting all of the things you desire.