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Meet Original Products Spiritualist Alex Inle

His work has brought peace, insight and guidance to hundreds and hundreds of devoted followers. Original Products Botanica’s beloved spiritualist has graciously offered to share his wisdom with us all.

About Alex

Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, Alex Omo Inle has been seeing into the beyond and consulting since the age of eleven. Baptized in 21 Division, Voodoo, Palo Mayombe, and Espiritismo, Alex has baptized many people on their journey to success and prosperity. He is a clairvoyant spiritual medium and initiated priest of Santeria under his guardian angels of Yemaya and Inle.

Alex has his own Ile (spiritual home) and his many gifts include the ability to contact and reveal names. His motto is “I am straight forward, to the point and unfiltered.” His goal is always to give you as detailed a reading as possible, with as much information during your consultation as he can possibly provide. Alex’s insight is so clear that many times his clients find they do not need to ask a single question during their reading.

Alex is experienced in the following:

  1. Water Gazing
  2. Tarot Cards
  3. Dilogun Shell Reading
  4. Runes
  5. Palm Reading
  6. Spiritual Masses
  7. Candle making
  8. Numerology

Here are Alex’s picks for the best spiritual aids to bring your deepest desires and wishes to fulfillment.

Candles To Defeat A Occult Enemies and Overcoming Spiritual Attacks

  • 7 Sword of Saint Michael Candle to defeat a sworn or stubborn enemy.
  • Saint Alejo Candle to get rid of obsessive spirits and stalkers in your life.
  • Run Devil Run Candle to remove shadow spirits, for example: demonic entities in places like a home, work, etc.
  • Jinx Removal Candle to prevent witchcraft from anyone trying to enact the action from entering someone’s life or throwing it to anybody. Plus, this candle also helps anyone in a situation from bad luck and removes hateful thoughts from people against you.
  • 7 African Powers Candle to be used in stopping and reversing any negative events such as court situations, government-related issues, jail or prison, and arguments with friends and family.

Candles for Love/Marriage/Reuniting Relationships and Friendships & Family

  • Red Image Candle to be used for Male and Female image to bind a lost lover.
  • Red Skull Candle to make someone think of you excessively.
  • Red Gender Male/Female Image Candle is to be used when seducing the male partner to enhance the sexual counterparts in love making.
  • The Double Action Heart Candle to anoint the person to make him or her feel what the other person feels emotionally and spiritually connected more than once in a double effect.
  • Attraction Candle to be used to attract love, happiness, and self love.
  • Money Candle to achieve financial stability and winning in lottery games.
  • Mr. Money Candle to bring back your luck such as winning money and finding a job.
  • Double Action Money Candle to bring money consistently flowing to help keep up with paying your bills.You can use spray/oils to anoint the candle to enhance the work of this candle.
  • Green Pull Out Candle to be used to write your wants and needs into the candle. Anoint with money drawing oil to boost this candle’s power.

Tools for Cleansing (Clean Yourself Spiritually and Gain Clarity)


Spiritual Baths:

Peace Baths:

Good Luck Baths:

Health Baths

Home Cleansing to Remove Negative Vibrations

Books that Alex Recommends

Alex’s picks are designed to bring your deepest desires and wishes to fulfillment. By popular demand, Original Products Botanica is now proud to offer Spiritual Consultations with Alex Inle. Choose which medium you prefer and get ready to have your mind blown by this talented Spiritualist.