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Understanding The Fall Zodiac Signs

Coming from the ancient Greek words Zodiakos Kyklos, the zodiac refers to the 'circle of the animals.' The twelve sun signs of the zodiac are broken down into month-long periods of time. Each zodiac sign has specific personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and other qualities unique to that particular sign. In this week's blog post, we will cover the qualities and attributes of the Fall's zodiac signs Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

Libra - The Scales

September 23 – October 22

Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Blue, Green
Stone: Opal
Day: Friday
Ruler: Venus
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Gemini, Aquarius
Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Aries
Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

The only non-living sign of the zodiac, the scales represent the balance and justice that a Libra seeks in all that surrounds them. Said to be the most desirable of all signs, Libra's are kind, fair, and gentle. They crave companionship and are most happy when surrounded by friends. Social butterflies, Libras tend to see the good in others and follow a 'the more the merrier' philosophy. Their diplomatic ways make them good leaders. Keen instincts and strong intuition are also traits of a Libra.

A predisposition towards peace-making can lead Libra to keep their true feelings hidden. They are known to be indecisive. A fear of upsetting those they love causes them to have a difficult time making decisions. Sometimes lazy, a Libra will be the one to come up with a great idea but need help from others to see it through to completion.

Enchanting and charming, a Libra woman craves romance and respect. Flowers and poetry will surely win the heart of a Libra. She craves a sensitive man who is not afraid to take charge but who recognizes her needs and desires. Libra’s desire for monogamy and tire quickly of non-committal men.

Able to see things from his partner’s point of view, a Libra man is highly desired by women. Thoughtful and charming, he is happy to let his date take charge of the evening. Flattery warms the heart of a Libra and your admiration of him will make him beam with pride and love.

Scorpio - The Scorpion

October 23 – November 21

Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Color: Scarlet, Red, Rust
Stone: Topaz
Day: Tuesday
Ruler: Pluto
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Cancer, Pisces
Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Taurus
Lucky Numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90

Passionate, intense, and fiercely independent, the Scorpio in your life is most certainly a go-getter. They are known to be loyal and generous friends but do not cross them. The deep emotions felt by the Scorpio can lead them to hold resentments and grudges against those who betray them. A Scorpio never gives up and will work tirelessly to meet a deadline, solve a problem, or close a deal.

The most misunderstood of all the signs, Scorpios can be difficult to get to know. Their emotional extremes make them unpredictable. They tend to guard their true feelings out of fear of being hurt. Scorpios fear failure which may cause them to put undue pressure on themselves to succeed.

Dating a Scorpio woman is a roller coaster ride. Emotional and passionate, she is full of life and loves adventure. The Scorpio partner is possessive over her man, but she will treat you with love and respect. It may take her a while to give her heart fully to you, but she does desire to be in a committed relationship.

Unique is the word that best describes a Scorpio man. He can be moody and possessive and sensitive and affectionate all in the same night. Always up for a good time, he will take you out on the town but may not call you the next day. His fear of commitment masks his insecurities. Do not toy with the emotions of a Scorpio man. His vindictive side is something to be wary of.

Sagittarius - The Centaur

November 22 – December 21

Element: Fire
Quality: Mutable
Color: Violet, Purple, Red, Pink
Stone: Turquoise
Day: Thursday
Ruler: Jupiter
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aries, Leo
Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Gemini
Lucky Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30

Possessing a great sense of humor and a boundless curiosity, the Sagittarius is a great person to know. They always see the glass as half full and have an easygoing demeanor. Always quick with an interesting story or a funny joke, a Sagittarius has an enthusiasm that is contagious. Their adventurous lifestyle is the envy of all of their friends and they are always happy to include you on their latest escapade. Not one to plan things in advance, Sagittarius prefers to work under pressure.

Boredom is the Achilles heel of the Sagittarius. They need constant stimulation and tend to move quickly from one project to the next. Do not mistake their flightiness for a lack of caring, however. Your Sagittarius friend will always be there when you need them and cherishes the connection they have with their friends and loved ones.

A Sagittarius woman is always on the go. She is full of energy and may lead a somewhat unconventional lifestyle. Easy to please, you can make her smile with a simple bouquet of flowers or a hike in the woods. She is happy to share her adventurous spirit with you.

Be sure to have lots of stamina if you are dating a Sagittarius man. He is interested in philosophy and religion and loves to have deep, meaningful conversations. This restless wanderer is not interested in settling down. He needs his freedom. He will treat you well but is not one for a committed long-term relationship.