How to make yemaya altar

How To Create a Yemaya Altar

In this informative video, Lulu guides viewers through the process of creating an altar dedicated to Yemaya, the nurturing and protective Orisha of the ocean. Lulu explains that making offerings to Yemaya is a meaningful way to seek her blessings, guidance, and support in various aspects of life, including fertility, motherhood, protection, and emotional and physical healing. The video highlights the significance of offering to Yemaya on her feast day, September 7th, or on any date that holds personal significance.

Lulu begins by demonstrating how to set up a sacred space for Yemaya using blue and white altar cloths, colors that are deeply associated with her. She emphasizes the importance of stating your intentions for each offering, whether it is for protection, healing, or other personal needs. Viewers learn to place offerings such as flowers, perfumes, seashells, and seven silver coins, which symbolize prosperity and respect, on the altar. Lulu also recommends using Yemaya candles or blue and white candles dressed with Yemaya oil.

The video further instructs on presenting fresh water mixed with sea salt or seawater in a beautiful bowl, as well as mirrors and silver items to symbolize clarity and reflection. Lulu suggests offering specific foods that Yemaya favors, such as watermelon, rice, seafood, and honey, to honor her and seek her blessings.

Throughout the video, Lulu encourages viewers to spend time in meditation, visualizing Yemaya's nurturing energy enveloping them, and to offer prayers or affirmations expressing gratitude and seeking her guidance. By following these rituals, viewers can deepen their connection to Yemaya, finding solace and strength in her loving embrace, and allowing her gentle waves to guide them through life's challenges towards peace and abundance.