High john root mojo bags

How To Make High John The Conqueror Root Mojo Bags

In this enlightening video, Lulu delves into the fascinating realm of High John the Conqueror root, known for its symbolic representation of love, luck, success, courage, and strength. Lulu shares various ways to harness the power of this root as a talisman for different purposes.

For those seeking protection and strength, Lulu suggests anointing the High John root with protection or High John oil. This empowered root can then be carried alone or incorporated into a Mojo bag. Lulu demonstrates how to create a Mojo bag by wrapping the root in white cloth and adorning it with carefully chosen symbols or mantras. The Mojo bag can be enhanced with additional elements such as herbs and crystals, carefully selected for their protective properties.

Lulu also provides insights into utilizing High John the Conqueror root for legal matters. By following the same steps, using court case oil, and setting the intention for a favorable outcome, the root can be placed in a Mojo bag specifically tailored for court cases. Adding a relevant crystal and herbs known to support legal matters further enhances the Mojo bag's potency. Lulu even suggests including a paper related to the court case, folded and tucked inside the Mojo bag to maintain its influence.

To consecrate and activate the Mojo bags, Lulu recommends lighting candles, such as a blue candle for legal matters, and using incense for cleansing and empowerment.