St expedito rituals prayers

Getting Fast Results with Saint Expedito

If you need something done yesterday, Saint Expedito is who to call upon. He is the patron saint of speedy cases, emergencies, quick answers, and the fight against procrastination. No matter what your problem is, if you need it fixed quickly, Saint Expedito can help you.

Who was Saint Expedito?

Saint Expedito, or Expedite, is usually shown as a Roman soldier holding a cross with the Latin word "hodie" ("today"). It is said that he lived in Armenia during Christian persecution. He was so impressed by the strength and humility of the Christian martyrs, he chose to convert.

As the story goes, Satan came to him in the form of a raven and told him to convert the next day. Saint Expedito refused, crushed the raven under his foot, and demanded to convert immediately. He was killed the next day. This is why statues and paintings of him usually show him stepping on a raven that is calling out the Latin word "cras" ("tomorrow"). It is also why he is associated with urgent needs and speedy results.

Call on Saint Expedito When You Need a Fast Solution

If you find yourself in trouble and need some fast solutions, it is a good idea to ask Saint Expedito for help. He is also a patron saint of merchants, navigators, and programmers, and is often asked to aid procrastinators. Whatever you need, this saint can help you get it quickly.

As a word of caution, never call on Saint Expedite unless you are prepared to make him an offering of flowers, or flowers and a slice of pound cake. He does not work for free. Some people also recommend publishing your thanks in your local newspaper. If you fail to make an offering, he may choose to take back all of the good things he has helped you get. According to some New Orleans legends, a member of the household may even pass away.

Petitioning Saint Expedito For Help

Saint Expedito's candles are red and may be anointed with Saint Expedito oil. To petition him for help, set a space with an anointed red candle, some devotional incense, and an image of him, like a statue. Light the incense and the candle, and recite the following prayer:

Saint Expedito, I come to you at a time of urgent need.
I ask you to intercede for me, and that my wish be granted.
(Here, say your wish.)
Please respond to my plea quickly.
Help me prevail through these hard times, and protect me from all who would harm me.
Bring me back to peace and happiness, I will be grateful to you for the rest of my life.
(Here, promise him an offering.)

When your request is granted, be sure to provide the offering. Do not forget, or you may lose all that you have gained.

Fast Money From Gambling With Saint Expedito

There is a story about Saint Expedito winning Jesus' cloak in a bet. For this reason, this saint is also associated with gambling. Gambling is a way to get fast money, so he is often asked for help by people hoping to win big and solve their financial troubles.

To ask him for help with gambling, use Saint Expedito Bath & Floor Wash. Mop your home thoroughly from back to front using the wash, and be sure to include some in a spiritual bath. Then, set a Saint Expedito 7 Day Saint Candle in a place where it will not be disturbed. Anoint it with some Saint Expedito oil, and set a dish of Saint Expedito incense powder in front of it. Light the candle and incense, and pray for gambling success. When you go to gamble, carry a Saint Expedito prayer card. After winning, make an offering of flowers to it.

When emergencies arise, we usually do not get any warning. Saint Expedito is one of the most powerful spiritual figures to ask for aid in fixing urgent problems. Whether you need protection, money, or just answers, meditate and pray to him to help you fix your problems quickly. As long as you are willing to make good on your promises to him, Saint Expedito can get you the answers you need.