Getting rid toxic people

How to Get Rid of Toxic People in Your Life

Sometimes, your life may be negatively influenced by a hex or curse. Most of the time, it is because there are people around you who are affecting you in a negative way. Even without accidentally or deliberately jinxing you, toxic people can make you feel stressed, worn down, and even physically ill.

Spotting Toxic People

Some people are overwhelmingly negative. They may constantly complain or criticize, or just have a dark, depressing aura around them. It can be hard to put your finger on exactly what about them sets your inner alarm bells ringing, but there are a few things to look for.

Toxic people are often self-centered. They will expect to be able to rant and complain to you to unburden themselves, but, unlike a friend who sometimes needs to vent, do not do it in a fair, balanced way. Their only concern is what you can do for them. They will constantly play the victim, never take personal responsibility for the consequences of their actions, and start drama for their own amusement. If you know someone who feels exhausting to interact with, they are most likely a toxic person.

Psychic Vampires

Sometimes, people cross over from simply toxic to psychic vampires. Beyond just concerning themselves with taking advantage of you, these people will feed on your energy and happiness and leave you feeling drained, tired, and miserable.

These people frequently insert themselves into leadership positions, so they can feed off of members of the groups they head. They can be very clever and charming, but are always just looking for their next meal. Unlike a curse or hex, there is nothing to break -- they do not put a jinx on you, their presence alone is enough. Luckily, you can still use a spell to push them away and protect yourself.

Getting Rid of Toxic People

Ridding yourself of negative influences is more complicated than it sounds. The most commonly given piece of advice is to avoid them, but what if that is not possible? Co-workers and family members may not be easily cut out of your life, and, since toxic people love drama, pushing them away may create more problems than it is worth.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to protect yourself and keep them at a distance. The color black is traditionally associated with banishing and breaking, and that can work for you here. For best results, do this on a Saturday during a waning moon:

1. Dress a black candle with Break Up or Separation Oil.

2. Place a tablespoon or so of Hot Foot Powder in a fireproof vessel, and light it.

3. Write the name of the person you wish to be free from on a piece of parchment with Dragon's Blood ink, and circle it thirteen times.

4. Speak your intent. State that this person is to leave you alone, and not bother you again. They are not entitled to bring you down, and they are no longer allowed to affect you.

5. Light the candle. Light the parchment in the flame, and place it in the fireproof bowl. Allow the candle, parchment, and incense to burn down completely, visualizing your enemy's influence on you decreasing as they burn.

6. Repeat the spell as often as necessary. If you are able to, sprinkle some of the Hot Foot Powder around where you live or work to keep the toxic person away.

Keeping Yourself Safe

After performing a banishing ritual to push toxic people away, it is important to take steps to make sure they stay gone. Dress yourself in Keep Away Enemies Sachet Powder or anoint yourself with Stay Away Oil on days when you know you will run into them. Wear or carry protective amulets, like a Protection From Attackers Amulet, or one against the Evil Eye. Before leaving the house, visualize yourself surrounded by a shield of golden light that keeps psychic vampires from being able to drain your energy.

Some people take a selfish delight in taking advantage of others and do not care what kind of effect they have on their victims. Ridding your life of these toxic people and negative influences is sometimes as easy as telling them to buzz off, but that is not always an option. With a simple banishing spell and the right tools to protect yourself, you can free yourself of the people who want to drag you down.