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Finding Light In the Darkness with Saint Lucy

It is amazing how much information we take in through our eyes. For those who can see, it is hard to imagine losing sight. Sometimes, when we experience a loss of hope, it can feel like we have lost our vision, too. If you find yourself lost in darkness, reaching out to Saint Lucy can help you find the light and the guidance you need.

Who was Saint Lucy?

Saint Lucy is the patron saint of the blind and visually impaired. Her feast day is December 13th. She was born to a rich noble family in 283 CE. Her father died when she was very young, leaving her and her mother without a guardian.

Lucy decided to dedicate her virginity to the Christian God and give her dowry to the poor. Her mother, very ill and afraid for her daughter's future, arranged a marriage for her instead. She was persuaded to make a pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Agatha in hope of a cure. While there, Lucy received a vision that said her mother would be healed, and so Lucy persuaded her to give away the money and valuables she would have given away in death.

When Lucy's betrothed's family heard about this, they complained to the governor. As per Roman custom, the governor demanded that Lucy's family burn an offering to the Emperor. They refused.

Guards came to take Lucy away, but an entire team of oxen could not move her. They piled wood around her to burn her alive, but it would not catch fire. Lucy foretold that the governor would be punished and the emperor would die. This made him so angry that he ordered her eyes gouged out, but God restored her vision.

According to another story, Lucy blinded herself to discourage a suitor. This is how she came to be the patron saint of those with vision problems. Since Lucy gave her mother the hope of a cure for her affliction, she is also good to reach out to in times of hopelessness.

Asking St. Lucy for Spiritual Guidance

When you are in a hopeless position, you might feel spiritually disconnected. Saint Lucy can help you find that connection again. You may wish to wear a reminder of her throughout the day, like a charm, medal, or bracelet. You may also wish to wear white or red as a reminder of her purity and martyrdom. Each day, when you wake up, hold the object in your hand and say...

Saint Lucy. You, whose name means 'light,'
Grow and protect the light in my soul,
So I may avoid evil and come out of the darkness.
Saint Lucy, help me find the light
Of spiritual guidance and hope.
Please, hear my prayers.

Creating an Altar for Saint Lucy

If you have a safe space in your home to create an altar, you may wish to do so as a focus for prayer and meditation. Set a small table or shelf with a red or white cloth, a glass of water, a statue or other image of the saint (a prayer card works well here), some sandalwood incense, and a Saint Lucy candle.

Make sure the water in the glass is fresh. Light the candle and the incense, and sit in front of the altar. Contemplate the image of the saint. You can recite the prayer on the card or the candle, or simply speak from the heart. Close your eyes, calm your mind and ask for guidance. When you are ready, snuff the candle. Repeat each day.

Ask Saint Lucy for Physical Healing

Since she is the patron saint of those with eye disorders, you can ask Saint Lucy for help with supporting eye health. Set up a space with a Saint Lucy, Health, or plain white candle dressed with some Healing oil. If you are asking for help for another person, place a picture of them in front of the candle.

Light the candle. Lay your hands over your eyes (for you), or over the eyes of the picture (for another person). As the candle burns, say...

Saint Lucy, you suffered greatly in life.
You had your eyesight taken,
But, because of your faith and purity,
Your eyesight was restored.
Please, help me in this time of need,
and heal my/this person's illness.
Thank you.

Snuff the candle. Repeat each day.

Saint Lucy was very young when she chose to dedicate herself to Christianity, and her faith and conviction are what gave her the strength to resist the torture inflicted on her. Fortunately, you do not need to suffer as she did. If you find yourself lost in darkness, pray to Saint Lucy for help finding your spiritual light again.