St raphael tobias

The Feast Day of Saint Raphael

Saint Raphael (Rafael), patron saint to travelers, the ill, physicians, nurses, and the blind, is honored with a feast day on October 24. Also known as Azariah, the Angel of Joy and the Angel of Love, his name means "God heals." The Bible contains multiple references to his innate abilities to lessen the suffering of those in pain, including his journey with Tobias during which he cured Tobit's blindness.

One of only three archangels mentioned by name in the Bible, Saint Raphael is one of the highest angelic spirits that assists God. He and six other archangels had the privilege of standing before the throne of the Lord. The feast day of Saint Raphael is a time of reflection and of giving thanks to this special patron of the sick and travelers who passes our prayers on to God.

Saint Raphael's color is emerald green. When people pray to him for healing, they often report seeing flashes of green light. Those who call on Saint Raphael have also reported feeling tingling sensations and heat during his intervention. This heat is the energy that Archangel Raphael generates, which courses through the people he helps. Raphael and other angels often announce their presence through music. Pay close attention to the song titles and lyrics that you hear after petitioning him for help.

Calling Upon Saint Raphael

Pray to Saint Raphael in times of sickness and when you're in need of healing. Whenever you call upon St. Raphael, he will be there for you. He takes pleasure in knowing that he is comforting you and reassuring you on your path to recovery.

To call upon his curing strength, start by spreading a green handkerchief on your altar. Place a St. Rafael statue and St. Rafael prayer card on the altar. Next, sprinkle some Healing Oil on a St. Rafael candle. Visualize the saint surrounded by a glowing green aura and focus your intentions on your desired goal. Light the candle and recite the following prayer:

O Raphael, lead us towards those we are waiting for, those who are waiting for us! Raphael, Angel of Happy Meetings, lead us by the hand towards those we are looking for! May all our movements, all their movements, be guided by your Light and transfigured by your Joy. Angel Guide of Tobias, lay the request that we address to you at the feet of him, on whose unfailing face you are privileged to gaze.

Lonely and tired, crushed by the separations and sorrows of earth, we feel the need of calling to you. And a pleading for the protection of your wings so that we may not be a stranger in the province of joy. Remember the weak, you who are strong. You whose home lies beyond the region of thunder, in a land that is always peaceful and always serene.