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Conjuring Love With Adam and Eve Root

Adam and Eve root are the roots of an orchid plant, identified by their distinctive shapes. Adam roots are pointy and elongated and come from the previous year's growth, while Eve roots are rounded, paler, and come from the newer growth. They are used together in many rituals to draw love, strengthen an existing love, and ensure fidelity between men and women.

True Adam and Eve orchids are considered threatened or endangered in many areas of the U.S., which can make obtaining them difficult. Fortunately, the magic of Adam and Eve root is not exclusive to that particular plant -- many rootworkers use other orchid species, or the seed of a lotus and bud of a balsam poplar with equal success. Though they are sold as a "male" and "female" root, same-sex or other-gendered couples can use two Adam roots, two Eve roots, or whichever combination of these roots they feel adequately represent them for magical purposes.

Ensure Fidelity

To keep your partner thinking of you when you are not around, divide the pair of roots between you and carry them always. The female partner should carry the Adam root, while the male partner should carry the Eve root. This is a type of sympathetic magic -- since the roots grow so closely together in nature, the dried roots will be drawn back to each other. As the roots are drawn back together, so will you and your partner be drawn to each other.

Draw a New Lover Closer

Another type of Adam and Eve root sympathetic magic involves deepening a new relationship. On a waxing moon, take a red Face to Face Lovers candle and divide it at the base (if the partners are of the same sex, substitute two Female or Male Image Candles). Anoint the halves with some Come to Me oil, and etch the name of the lovers in each half of the candle. Set an Adam and Eve root in front of the appropriate candle half. Every day for seven days, light each candle and move them and the roots a little closer to each other. By the full moon, the candles and roots should be touching. Carry the roots with you to keep your relationship strong.

Outshine Romantic Rivals

Competing for someone's attention is always rough, and it is not easy to get a leg up on your rivals. Anoint a pair of Adam and Eve roots with Irresistible Oil and place in a red mojo bag. Carry it on you whenever you are around the object of your desire, and regularly re-anoint the roots to keep them potent.

Strengthen a Marriage

Anoint a 7 Day Come to Me candle with some Fire of Love oil. On a Friday, particularly when the moon is waxing, recite this passage from Genesis over the Adam and Eve root

“Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh.”

After the roots are empowered, place them in a red mojo bag and carry them on you.

Attract a Wealthy Partner

Sometimes, some people would rather cry in a limousine than smile on a bicycle. That is alright, there are love drawing spells for them, too! To bring a rich partner, you will need a few specific ingredients:

Place these herbs together in a red mojo bag, and anoint it with some Venus oil. As you hold the bag in your hands, visualizing it filling with glowing energy, ask for the Goddess Venus' help in making you irresistible to the kind of partner you want. Carry it with you.

Adam and Eve root has been used for ages to help bring people the love they desire. Almost all rituals involving it require you to carry the roots afterward, and for good reason -- they are very potent charms for getting, strengthening, and keeping love in your life. Work with Adam and Eve root, and see what their magic can do to help you attract your heart's desire.