Spring zodiac signs aries taurus gemini

Understanding The Spring Zodiac Signs

Coming from the ancient Greek words Zodiakos Kyklos, the zodiac refers to the ‘circle of the animals’. The twelve sun signs of the zodiac are broken down into month long periods of time. Each zodiac sign has specific personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, and other qualities unique to that particular sign. In this week's blog post, we will cover the qualities and attributes of the Spring's zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

Aries - The Ram

March 21 – April 19

Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal
Color: Red
Stone: Heliotrope
Day: Tuesday
Ruler: Mars
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Leo, Sagittarius
Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Libra
Lucky Numbers: 1, 9

This first sign of the zodiac is courageous, intelligent, adventurous, and friendly. Aries has no problem taking charge of a situation and speaks his mind. Their upbeat personality makes them a magnet for friends and their impulsive nature makes them the life of the party. A natural optimist, Aries makes excellent coaches and leaders.

While their take-charge attitude can produce great results, they tend to get bored quickly and often do not finish tasks that they have started. They can get moody and childish if they feel pressured. Aries put a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve, and that pressure can sometimes lead to insecurity. That insecurity may be hidden behind their natural positive attitude.

Aries women tend to be hot-blooded and independent. She wants her freedom, but when she finds love, she commits fully. An Aries is looking for not only a partner but a best friend, as well. She is encouraging and supportive of her partner’s interests and will stand by you always.

Aries men are adventurous and full of excitement. He loves the thrill of the chase, but may not stick around for a long-term relationship. If you are looking for fun and good times, an Aries man is for you. He can be short-tempered and needs to feel like he is in control at all times.

Taurus - The Bull

April 20 – May 20

Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Color: Blue, Pink, Green
Stone: Emerald
Day: Friday, Monday
Ruler: Venus
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Virgo, Capricorn
Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Scorpio
Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 6, 11, 20, 29, 37, 47, 56

With a relaxed attitude and a personable demeanor, the Taurus man or woman thrives on stability. Reliable and protective, people born under this sign tend to be the voice of reason in chaotic environments. They love anything that is beautiful, from music to art to lush fabrics and clothing. Taurus is not a born leader and will happily follow the way of anyone whom they trust to take charge.

The symbol of the Taurus is the bull and their stubborn nature can certainly be bullish at times. Right or wrong, a Taurus will stand their ground to the bitter end. This stubbornness can show itself as laziness, as well. If a Taurus does not want to do something, he or she will not be persuaded to do it. Deeply sensitive, an unkind word or slight will leave a lasting scar that a Taurus is unlikely to forget.

Masters of seduction, Taurus women have incredible patience. She will wait as long as it takes to get who or what she wants. Old-fashioned and supportive, you will always know where you stand with your Taurus partner. But beware of that bullish nature. Cross her and you may never live it down.

Practical and down to earth, your Taurus man is a romantic at heart. He will nurture and protect you and put you up on a pedestal. A wonderful provider, a Taurus is loyal, generous, and faithful.

Gemini - The Twins

May 21 – June 20

Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Color: Green, Yellow
Stone: Aquamarine
Day: Wednesday
Ruler: Mercury
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Libra, Aquarius
Best for Marriage and Partnerships: Sagittarius
Lucky Numbers: 3, 8, 12, 23

Quick-witted and full of energy, Geminis crave independence and freedom. They tend to get bored easily and require constant stimulation. A generous and loyal friend, the Gemini in your life will keep you up to date on the latest gossip and will always be up for a good time. Gemini are intelligent and creative, and they make excellent managers and salespeople. Excellent communicators, Geminis are always around with a shoulder to lean on or advice to give.

The duality of the Gemini can be hard to balance. They tend to have noticeable mood swings and can be unpredictable. Sometimes superficial, a Gemini may be prone to judging others too harshly. Gemini can be nervous and easily excitable and tend to get caught up in trying to take in everything that is happening around them.

A Gemini woman is passionate and enchanting. She will keep you guessing with her hot and cold demeanor and you may often wonder at the status of your relationship. Her casual attitude masks a sharp wit and a deep intelligence. Gemini women crave intellectual stimulation and excitement in their partners.

Filled with a zest for life, Gemini men are clever, witty, and charming. Masters of seduction, your Gemini partner has the ability to be quite the manipulator. Great for a casual relationship but maybe not destined to be a monogamous companion, a Gemini man will certainly show you a good time.