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Bingo Soap

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Elevate your bingo experience with the invigorating and luck-attracting Bingo Luck Soap - let positivity and winning vibes flow!


Unveil the power of luck with our Bingo Luck Soap! Crafted with intention and infused with mystical energies, this soap is designed to heighten your luck and enhance your winning potential in your bingo games.

Formulated with ingredients symbolizing luck and prosperity, this soap is imbued with positive energies to amplify your winning chances. Enjoy a delightful and invigorating scent that uplifts your spirits and creates a positive ambiance, setting the stage for a lucky bingo experience.

  • Comes with an amulet and prayer card in English & Spanish
  • 3.5 oz Bar

How to Use Bingo Soap

  1. Prepare for Success: Before your bingo session, lather the soap and visualize yourself surrounded by a bright, lucky aura.
  2. Rinse with Intent: As you rinse off, imagine any negative energies being washed away, leaving behind a clean slate for luck and victory.
  3. Affirmation and Focus: As you dry off, recite positive affirmations or visualize your bingo card filling up with winning numbers, attracting success your way.
  4. Embrace the Energy: Enter your bingo game feeling refreshed, positive, and attuned to the vibrations of luck and fortune.