Azucar de bano de las 7 potencias

Azúcar de Baño de Las 7 Potencias

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Azúcar de Baño de Las 7 Potencias combines essences associated with the Seven African Powers to aid in spiritual rituals. Designed for use in baths, it purifies and enhances personal energy, aligning users with love, power, and protection. Sprinkle it in your home or bath to attract positive energies and create a harmonious space, influenced by Orishas like love, fertility, and justice. Ideal for anyone seeking spiritual elevation and protection in their daily life.


Azúcar de Baño de Las 7 Potencias (Bath Sugar of the 7 African Powers) is a powerful spiritual bath sugar designed to invoke the blessings of the Seven African Powers. This sacred blend combines specific essences that align with the Orishas, providing guidance, blessings, and protection in various aspects of life such as love, fertility, power, justice, and healing.

Users can add this sugar to bath water to create a ritual bath that purifies the body and spirit, enhancing personal energy and attracting positive influences. It is also suitable for sprinkling around the home to create a space that resonates with spiritual harmony and protection, fostering an environment where the Seven African Powers can manifest their influence effectively.

  • 5oz Bottle