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Virgin of Loreto (Virgen de Loreto) Prayer Candle, 7 Day

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Burn our 7 Day Virgin of Loreto, also known as Our Lady of Loreto, devotional candle (vela de Virgen de Loreto) for finding and blessing a new home.

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The Virgin of Loreto, also known as the Madonna of Loreto, is a title given to the Virgin Mary in reference to the Holy House of Loreto. According to tradition, the Holy House of Loreto is believed to be the house where the Virgin Mary was born, and it was later transported by angels to Loreto, Italy.

The story goes that the Holy House of Loreto was miraculously preserved and has become an important Catholic pilgrimage site.

The Virgin of Loreto is revered as the patroness of aviators, air travelers, and those involved in the aviation industry. She is also prayed to for helping finding and blessing a home.

  • 2 1/2" Wide and 8 1/4" Tall
  • English & Spanish prayer on back
  • This candle will burn approximately 140 hours
  • 100% Paraffin Wax

Virgin of Loreto Prayer For A New Home

Dear Virgin of Loreto, Mother of God and patroness of homes, I come before you with a heartfelt plea, Seeking your intercession and guidance As I embark on the search for a new home.

Virgin of Loreto, you who are believed To have protected and preserved The Holy House of Nazareth, I humbly ask for your assistance In finding a new dwelling that will become A place of shelter, security, and peace.

Guide my steps, dear Virgin, Illuminate my path with your grace, So that I may discover a home That fulfills my needs and desires. Lead me to a place that will nurture My loved ones and me, A sanctuary where we can grow, Love, and create cherished memories.

Virgin of Loreto, I entrust this process to you, Knowing that you understand the importance Of finding a place to call home. Intercede on my behalf, And present my requests to your Son, Jesus, That He may guide me to the perfect home According to His divine plan.

Help me make wise decisions, Protect me from any pitfalls or obstacles, And grant me the patience and perseverance To navigate the challenges that may arise.

In your loving care, dear Virgin, I place my trust and confidence. May your prayers open doors, And may your blessings accompany me Throughout this journey.

Virgin of Loreto, pray for me As I seek a new home. May your intercession bring forth God's providence and blessings.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.