Vampire blood bleeding candles

Vampire Blood Candles

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Add a touch of spooky romance and mystery to your space with these Vampire Blood Candles. Ideal for those who love the mysterious charm of the night, these candles can make any room feel like a cozy and secret hideaway. When you light these 10-inch long black taper candles, they "bleed" a stream of red wax, creating an eerie and eye-catching display.


Step into a world of dark allure and mystical romance with our Vampire Blood Candles, the ultimate accessory for a night of passion and intrigue. These bewitching 10-inch long black taper candles hold a secret within – a mesmerizing "bleeding" effect that unveils itself as the candles burn, revealing a deep crimson inner wax that flows gently down its length. Presented in an elegantly designed box of four, these candles are the embodiment of gothic glamour and supernatural allure, promising to enchant and enthrall.

  • Box of 4 10" Black Taper Candles
  • "Bleeding" effect when lit