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Small Machete de Ogun

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The 2" Nickel Plated Machete de Ogun is a powerful spiritual tool for Santería, Ifá, and Afro-Cuban religious practitioners. Symbolizing Ogun, the Orisha of iron, war, and labor, this machete channels his energies of strength, protection, and clarity. Crafted for ritual and ceremonial use, it aids in overcoming obstacles, warding off negativity, and promoting enlightenment and prosperity. Its compact size allows for discreet use in personal altars or as a protective amulet, making it an essential item for those seeking to connect with the divine and leverage Ogun's guidance in their spiritual journey.


This 2" Nickel Plated Machete de Ogun is a spiritually potent tool designed for practitioners and devotees of Santería, Ifá, and Afro-Cuban religions. This exquisite machete is not only a symbol of Ogun, the Orisha of iron, war, and labor but also a powerful conduit for his energies. Crafted with precision, its nickel-plated blade reflects the enduring strength, protection, and clarity that Ogun embodies.

Ideal for rituals, ceremonies, and spiritual work, this Machete de Ogun is tailored to assist in clearing obstacles, providing protection from negative forces, and forging paths toward enlightenment and prosperity. The compact 2-inch design ensures that it can be used discreetly in personal altars or carried as a protective amulet. This machete serves as a tangible link to the divine, empowering practitioners to channel Ogun's unstoppable force in their spiritual journey.

Elevate your ritual practice with the 2" Nickel Plated Machete de Ogun, a must-have for those seeking to deepen their connection with the divine and harness the guiding light of Ogun in their lives.

  • 2" Long
  • Nickel plated