Reversible smudge stick love

Reversible Sage Smudge Stick For Love (Black/Red)

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The Reversible Sage offers a distinctive smudging technique to purify and invigorate your surroundings. This sage bundle features a two-tone design, with one side colored red and the other black. Start by burning the black side to dispel negative energies, then proceed to light the red side to attract and welcome love into your space.


The Reversible Sage presents a unique approach to smudging, aimed at both cleansing and revitalizing your environment. This special sage bundle is designed with a dual-color scheme, having a red side and a black side. Begin by igniting the black part, which is intended to clear away negative energy, and then continue by lighting the red part, which helps to draw in and usher love into your area.


  • Dual-colored sage bundle: black on one side, red on the other.
  • Cleanses and energizes your space.
  • Helps to remove negative energy and bring in love & passion.
  • Approximately 4 inches long.
  • Sage is a sacred herb that has been used for centuries for cleansing and purification.

How To Use Our Reversible Sage Smudge Stick For Love

  • Define Your Goal: Before starting, decide what you aim to achieve with the smudging. Are you looking to rid your space of negative vibes and welcome love?
  • Ignite the Sage Bundle: Tilt the bundle and light the black end using a match or lighter. Allow it to burn briefly until smoke begins to form.
  • Stimulate the Smoke: Blow softly on the embers to produce more smoke. If you have a feather, use it to fan the smoke.
  • Perform the Smudging: Move through your area with the sage bundle, waving it gently. Focus on clearing negative energy first with the black end.
  • Switch to Inviting Love: As the black part finishes, keep the red side burning to attract love.
  • Use with Caution: Always burn the sage on a fireproof surface to ensure safety.