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Iron Railroad Nail (Clavo de Linea) For Ogun

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The 6" Iron Railroad Nail (Clavo de Linea) embodies strength and protection in spiritual practices. Used in safeguarding homes and invoking the protective energy of Ogun, the Orisha of metalwork, it casts a protective barrier against negative forces. Ideal for those seeking stability and resilience, it fortifies spiritual journeys and secures sacred spaces.


The 6" Iron Railroad Nail (Clavo de Linea) is a potent symbol of protection and grounding, deeply rooted in various spiritual and magical traditions. Crafted from durable iron, this railroad nail serves as a powerful tool in safeguarding homes and sacred spaces.

It is commonly used in rituals to anchor protection, creating a stable and secure environment. By placing these nails at the corners of your property, practitioners can cast a protective barrier, keeping negative energies and unwanted influences at bay.

In addition to its protective qualities, the iron railroad nail is also employed in spells and rituals associated with Ogun, the Orisha of metalwork and labor, symbolizing strength, resilience, and the forging of one's path. Its robust nature makes it an ideal element for those seeking stability, perseverance, and the fortification of their spiritual journey.

  • 6" Long