Practical candle magic

Practical Candle Magic: Witchcraft with Wick & Wax

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Unlock the secrets of candle magic with "Practical Candle Magic: Witchcraft with Wick & Wax" by Rachel Patterson. This guide offers over thirty-five spells for healing, protection, love, and more, teaching you to work with candles, oils, and herbs. Learn to amplify your spells with colors, crystals, and sigils, and explore advanced techniques like divination and wax poppets. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this book lights the way to enhancing your magical practice with the power of candle magic.


Practical Candle Magic: Witchcraft with Wick & Wax is an essential guide for anyone looking to delve into the art of candle magic. Authored by Rachel Patterson, a bestselling writer and seasoned practitioner, this book serves as an all-encompassing resource for both beginners and advanced magic users alike. Patterson shares over thirty-five spells and practical exercises, meticulously guiding readers through every step of candle magic—from selecting the right candle and charging it with your intentions to dressing it with oils, and herbs, and casting powerful spells.

This comprehensive manual covers a wide range of magical needs, including healing, protection, love, luck, and inspiration, ensuring that practitioners can harness the specific energies they seek. Beyond the basics, Patterson expands on how to elevate your spells with additional magical tools such as colors, crystals, sigils, magical grids, tarot cards, and zodiac signs, providing a rich tapestry of options for personalizing your practice.

Moreover, Practical Candle Magic introduces readers to advanced techniques like candle rituals, divination, and creating wax poppets, offering a deep dive into the craft's more intricate aspects. Whether you're new to witchcraft or looking to enhance your magical practices, Rachel Patterson's insightful guidance illuminates the path to harnessing the profound power of candles in your magical repertoire.

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  • 304 pages