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Papa Candelo Statue 8" - Red Pants

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This stunning 8-inch resin statue of Papa Candelo is perfect for your home, office, or altar. Papa Candlo is a revered Afro-Caribbean folkloric figure. He is believed to be a powerful spirit of the dead who can bring luck, protection, and prosperity to those who seek his assistance. People pray to Papa Candelo for assistance with a variety of issues, such as health, money, love, and protection.


This 8-inch tall resin statue of Papa Candlo features the beloved Lwa of Santeria sitting and wearing red pants.

Who Is Papa Candelo?

Papa Candelo is a beloved Lwa of Yoruba Santeria. Representing the fire element, he is associated with the color red and is the brother of Candelina or Candlemas, both of which are a part of the Catholic liturgy of San Carlos Borromeo. Papa Candelo is known as a symbol of hopeless love; he is charming, joyful, attentive, and attractive. On his feast day on November 3rd, his faithful devotees will dress in red or shades of this color as a tribute to the deity. Many meringues and bachata have been composed to honor Papa Candleo.

A Prayer To Papa Candelo

"Oh, Father of the Universe, Papa Candelo, You who hold the balance of justice, You who serve as a bridge between the human and the spiritual world, I come before you asking for your guidance and protection. Fill me with your spiritual power and give me strength and courage to face the challenges of life. Protect me and my loved ones from all obstacles and bring us peace, harmony, and prosperity. Amen."