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  1. Guererro set ogun orisha tool 21152

    Complete Guererro Set for Ogun

    Starting at $59.95

    Complete guererro set for Ogun. Includes 1 Ogun Pot, 1 Set of tools for Ogun & 1 Osun

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  2. Osun Orisha Tool Iron Rooster

    Osun Iron Rooster

    Starting at $14.95

    The Osun is the iron rooster perched on top of a cup sitting on a pedestal. There are small metal charms that hang from the cup. This Osun...

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  3. Obatala Bell

    Obatala Bell


    Metal Obatala bell as pictured with the Dove handle.

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  4. Crown elegua orisha crown 49789

    Crown for Elegua

    Starting at $8.95

    Perfect size crown to go on top of your Elegua head.

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  5. Ogun tools 08698

    Ogun Tools/Herramientas de Ogun

    Starting at $12.95

    Complete set of iron warrior tools for Ogun.

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  6. Aguidai orisha tool 92574

    Tools for Aguidai-Obatala


    Complete set of tools for Aguidai-Obatala.

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  7. Crown for yemaya orisha crown 68975

    Crown for Yemaya


    Crown for Orisha Yemaya 5" Diameter & 3" Tall

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  8. Olokun orisha tool 93596



    Doll of Olokun 6" tall

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  9. Olokun tools 51808

    Olokun Tools


    Complete set of Nickel plated tools for Olokun.

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  10. Crown for Oshun

    Crown for Oshun


    Crown for Orisha Oshun 5" Diameter & 3" Tall

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  11. Crown for Oya

    Crown for Oya


    Crown for Orisha Oya 5" Diameter & 3" Tall

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  12. Tools san lazaro

    Tools for San Lazaro (Herramientas de Babalú-Ayé)


    Set of 9" tall Orisha tools for Babalú-Ayé. Crutches and dogs included. Perfect for your altar. Babalú-Ayé is associated with healing as well as...

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  13. Crown For Obatala

    Crown for Obatala


    Crown for Orisha Obatala 5" Diameter & 3" Tall

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  14. Organ orisha tool 87240

    Tools for Organ


    Complete Organ tool set.

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  15. Set of tools for ochosi orisha tool 56350

    Set of Tools for Ochosi


    Complete set of tools for Orisha Ochosi. These Orisha tools have a nickel-plated finish and are perfect for your altar.

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