Stainless steel bracelet elegua

Orisha Elegua Stainless Steel Bracelet

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Embrace the duality of life's pathways with the captivating Stainless Steel Orisha Elegua Bracelet. Carefully designed to pay tribute to the powerful Orisha of roads, crossroads, and beginnings, this piece echoes the ancient rhythms and traditions of the Yoruba people, capturing the spirit of Elegua.


Using only the finest stainless steel, this Orisha Elegua Stainless Steel Bracelet is not only a symbol of strength but also resilience, designed to ward off tarnish and maintain its shine for years to come. Accented with vibrant red and black beads, the colors channel Elegua's essence, representing the balance of life's challenges and opportunities. With a length of 8 inches, its presence is both commanding and harmonious on the wrist. Though crafted with masculine nuances, its adaptable sizing is a fit for both men and those with a robust wrist. Whether embarking on new beginnings, seeking clarity at life's crossroads, or wishing to gift a meaningful token to a loved one, this Orisha Elegua bracelet stands as a beacon of guidance, transformation, and the ever-present spirit of Elegua, the opener of doors.

  • 8 inches long
  • For larger wrists