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Just Judge (Justo Juez) Prayer Candle, 7 Day White

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Burn our white 7 day Just Judge devotional candle (vela de Justo Juez) to achieve victory in court or for justice when you have been falsely accused.

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Our Just Judge (Justo Juez) devotional candle is specifically designed for use in court cases and legal matters. The candle features an image or representation of Jesus Christ as the "Just Judge," emphasizing His role as the righteous and fair arbiter of justice.

Use our white 7 day candle as a powerful tool for seeking divine intervention and guidance during legal proceedings, trials, or any situation where justice and righteousness are at stake. It is often used by individuals facing court cases, legal disputes, or any situation where a fair judgment is needed.

Jesus, the Just Judge, has the wisdom and authority to bring about fair and equitable results. It serves as a reminder of God's presence and guidance in times of uncertainty and legal challenges.

For added strength place a few drops of our Just Judge Oil on top of the candle as it burns.

  • 2 1/2" Wide and 8 1/4" Tall
  • English and Spanish prayer on back.
  • This candle will burn approximately 140 hours.
  • 100% Paraffin Wax

A Prayer to Jesus, the Just Judge

Dear Lord Jesus,

You are the Just Judge, full of mercy and compassion. I come before you in this time of legal difficulty and uncertainty, seeking your divine guidance and protection.

You know the intricacies of my court case, and you see the truth that lies within. I entrust my legal matters into your hands, knowing that you are the ultimate source of justice and righteousness.

Grant me wisdom to make the right decisions, courage to face the challenges ahead, and peace in the midst of uncertainty. I pray that truth and fairness prevail in my case, and that your divine favor rests upon me.

Please guide my legal team, the judges, and all those involved in the legal process. May their hearts be open to the truth and may justice be served according to your divine will.

Lord, I surrender all my worries, fears, and anxieties to you. Fill me with confidence in your providence and assurance that you are in control.

Help me to stay steadfast in faith, knowing that you are with me every step of the way. I trust that you will work all things for my good, even in the midst of this legal challenge.

I offer this prayer in your holy name, believing in your power and authority over all things.