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  1. Alex inle spiritual consultation

    A Spiritual Consultation with Alex Inle


    By popular demand, we are now proud to offer spiritual consultations with Alex Inle. Choose the style of reading you prefer and prepare yourself...

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  2. New years ritual spiritual cleansing kit

    New Year's Kit


    A specially prepared kit filled with all the components necessary to bring in good luck and prosperity for the new year. Includes a specially...

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  3. Custom intensify psychic talents candle 74842

    Intensify Psychic Talents Candle


    Do you want to improve your psychic abilities? Work on your spiritual awareness. Light this candle with a clear glass of water next to it, read...

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  4. Custom spiritual cleansing candle 30887

    Spiritual Cleansing Candle


    As the owner of the roads, Papa Legba is the one to ask for your roads to be opened and to set you on the path to success, happiness, and...

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  5. SBR57 2 480x480 55953

    Smudge Pot/Charcoal Soapstone Burner


    This soapstone charcoal incense burning bowl or smudge pot is great for burning sage or any loose herb. Also burn your favorite resin incense, just...

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  6. Abalone shell 6 inch

    Abalone Shell Incense Burner


    Abalone shell incense burner. These silvery and iridescent abalone shells are useful for burning cone or resin incense. They are also used to rest...

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  7. Selenite wands 90536

    White Selenite Wand


    This raw selenite wand is a powerful aid in seeking mental clarity or in channeling energies and can be used to aid in seeking contact with...

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  8. Custom chakra cleansing candle 14047

    Chakra Cleansing Candle


    Burn this candle to recharge your spirit, refresh your Karmic energy, and realign your Chakras. Read the powerful Wake-Up Prayer Card (included)...

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  9. Alex altar 38665

    A Special "Guided Spirits" Reading by Alex Inle


    Alex will call on your deceased "guided spirits" that he will identify through carefully chosen prayers. Working together they will help you...

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  10. Set of 7 Chakra Orgonite Pyramids 57304

    Set of 7 Chakra Orgonite Pyramids


    Organite Pyramids filled with Natural Crystals. Organite is an excellent New Age metaphysical tool that radiates amazing Aura energy. The Organites...

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  11. Chakras 48241

    Chakra The Seven Doors of Energy Kit


    Doors, wheels, vortices, invisible yet essential energetic nodes: the major chakras. There are seven major chakras, the same as the number of...

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  12. 7 chakra sage smudge stick 80377

    7 Chakra Sage Smudge Stick 7"


    White sage with seven color rose petals. White Sage leaves have been used for centuries by the Native Americans as a way to cleanse and purify...

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  13. 7 chakra pendulum 92121

    7 Chakra Pendulum


    7 Chakra Pendulum with approximately 6" chain. For spirit communication, you ask questions and interpret the pendulum's motion. For healing or...

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  14. Chakra Balancing Kit 15994

    Chakra Balancing Kit


    This is the perfect starter kit for balancing your chakras. Use the 7 color rose petal white sage to clear the negative energy around your...

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  15. 7 chakra sphere 76537

    7 Chakra Bonded Gemstone Sphere with Wooden Box


    Spheres are powerful energy healers. This Seven Chakra Gemstone Sphere has powerful healing properties. It helps energize your mind, body, and soul...

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