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Find A Job Kit

Find A Job Intention Kit

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Embark on a journey towards new career opportunities and professional fulfillment with our Find A Job Intention Kit. Created to support your aspirations, this kit combines sacred tools and potent botanicals, empowering you to attract positive energies and unlock pathways to your desired employment.


Empower your job-seeking endeavors with the energies and tools within the Find A Job Intention Kit. Let it be your guiding light towards meaningful employment and professional growth.

Navigate your path to career success - order your Find A Job Kit today and open the doors to promising job opportunities and fulfillment!

Find A Job Intention Kit Includes:

  • White Sage with Juniper Smudge Stick Bundle: Infused with the cleansing essence of White Sage and Juniper, this aromatic bundle clears away obstacles and negative energies, creating a purified space to invite new job prospects and opportunities.
  • 10mL Find A Job Herbal Oil: Crafted with a blend of herbs renowned for their job-seeking properties, this oil serves as a beacon for career success, guiding you toward promising opportunities and aligning your path with professional fulfillment.
  • 4″ Selenite Wand: Harness the focused energy of selenite to set clear intentions and illuminate your professional journey, aiding in clarity of thought and directing your aspirations towards meaningful employment.
  • Palo Santo Stick: Engage the calming properties of Palo Santo to maintain a centered mindset, ensuring focus and tranquility as you navigate the job-seeking process.

How to Use:

  1. Cleanse Your Space: Light the White Sage with Juniper Smudge Stick, allowing its purifying smoke to cleanse your surroundings, creating a fresh and inviting atmosphere for new job opportunities.
  2. Anoint with Herbal Oil: Apply a few drops of the Find A Job Herbal Oil to yourself, candles, amulets, mojo bag or any other items symbolizing your career goals, attracting positive energies and opportunities related to employment.
  3. Focus with Selenite: Use the Selenite Wand to visualize your ideal job scenario, infusing your aspirations with clarity and purpose, and directing your intentions towards fulfilling employment.
  4. Palo Santo Serenity: Burn the Palo Santo Stick to maintain a calm and balanced state of mind, fostering confidence and peace during your job-seeking journey.