Dream job spells rituals

Spells and Rituals to Land Your Dream Job

Picture yourself in your ideal job. Is it in a big corner office, with a comfortable routine? Is it traveling the world as a photojournalist? Is it something in between? No matter what you want to do for a living, having the right qualifications is only part of the puzzle. The rest comes up to luck, opportunity, and having an open road before you.

If you want to change your life and land a better job, there are spells and rituals that can help.

Finding Your Dream Job

If you are unsatisfied with your current job and want to find a new one, you can help draw the right job to you. The color gold is associated with wealth, orange with courage, new opportunities, and creativity, and yellow with joy. Together, they form a powerhouse of color symbolism.

Start this spell with one each of gold, orange, and yellow candles. Anoint them with a few drops of Job oil. If you know the perfect job for you, carve the company's name, or any words or symbols related to it into each candle.

Next, write the things you want from your job onto a piece of parchment or paper. Be as specific and realistic as possible! List all of the features you want this job to have: salary, location, co-workers, everything. Fold it up, and place it under the gold candle. Hold your hands in front of the candles, and say...

With these flames, I light my path to the perfect job for me.

Light the candles. As they burn, sit and meditate quietly, visualizing yourself performing the work you want. When you feel ready, snuff them. Re-light them and meditate before looking at job listings or going to an interview. When the candles are burned through, bury the remains and the parchment paper near your front door.

A Job-Attracting Talisman

You can make a bit of portable job magic using a mojo bag. This spell is best performed on a Thursday when the moon is waxing. On a plate or piece of paper, place a few pinches each of lavender, parsley, cinquefoil, rosemary, and basil. Set a citrine and aventurine stone on top of the small pile of herbs.

Place a Find a Job candle before the pile of herbs and stones. As you light it, say...

Herb and stone,
Cloth and fire,
Bring me the work,
That I desire.

Sit with your hands held over the pile of herbs and stones, and visualize a golden light flowing from your hands to your ingredients. Picture yourself in your ideal job. Let the candle burn for a bit before snuffing it. Place the empowered herbs and stones into the green bag, cinch it tightly, and carry it on you. Before an interview (or any time you want to refresh the talisman), light the candle, hold the bag in your hand and repeat the visualization.

Getting a Raise

If the only thing keeping your current job from being your ideal job is your salary, you may not need to find a new job at all -- just ask for a raise.

Green and gold are the colors of prosperity. You can use one gold and two green candles for a raise, or a Steady Work candle if you seek advancement at your current job. Whichever you choose, anoint them with a few drops of Steady Work oil to bring you good fortune at your current job. Light the candles, and say...

I want my job,
I love my work.
Now they will pay me
what I am worth.

If you like, you can also burn some Steady Work or Money Drawing incense powder, or a tick of High John the Conqueror incense. Sprinkle a little Steady Work sachet powder around your desk or workstation for some added power.

Finding the perfect job for you can be a frustrating journey, but it does not have to be. Whether you want a whole new career or just a raise, spells can help give you the extra push you need to attract the attention you want from employers.