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Coconut Floor Wash

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Our Coconut floor wash can be used to spiritually cleanse, bring prosperity, attract good luck, or simply freshen up your surroundings. The uses of coconut in spiritual and ritual practices are diverse and can vary significantly among different cultures and traditions, but it is frequently associated with providing purity, protection, and blessings.


Use our Coconut floor wash for spiritual cleansing, prosperity, and good luck, or to simply sweeten up your surroundings. The spiritual and ritual uses of coconut vary widely across different cultures and traditions, but it is often associated with purity, protection, and blessings.

  • 16oz Glass Bottle

How To Use Coconut Floor Wash

  • Add the contents of the bottle to a gallon of cold water
  • Focus on your intent and desires while mopping your floors from the front of your home to the back