Calamus root

Calamus Root

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Calamus root is a powerful and versatile herb with a rich spiritual history. In traditional Native American practices, it is used as a smudging herb for purification and protection, and is also believed to enhance intuition and spiritual connection.

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Here are a few rituals that involve calamus root:

Smudging: Mix dried calamus root with white sage or other herbs to create a smudge stick for purification and protection.

Intuition: Place a piece of dried calamus root in your pocket or near your bed to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities.

Meditation: Burn dried calamus root as incense during meditation to deepen your connection with the divine.

Protection: Bury calamus root in your yard or near your home to create a protective barrier against negative energies.

Healing: Steep dried calamus root in hot water to make a tea and drink it to support respiratory and digestive health, or to relieve headaches.

Offerings: Place calamus root on an altar or as an offering to the spirits and ancestors to honor them and ask for their guidance.

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