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Spells to See Past Liars and Get the Truth

Does it seem like someone close to you is not being entirely honest? You might not have proof, just a nagging sense that they may be lying. It can be hard to confront someone you suspect is being dishonest with you, especially if you cannot back up your feelings. These spells can help you see someone's true colors.

Prepare a Candle to Sniff Out Liars

There are certain herbs and essential oils associated with exposing deceit. One of these is violet.

To use this tiny flower's truth-discovering powers, start with a white candle. Carve it with words and symbols that represent honesty -- you can even just carve the word "honesty" into the side with a pin or knife. If you wish, you can also carve the name of the person you suspect of lying to you into the wax.

After that, thoroughly anoint the candle with violet oil. While you do this, chant...

The truth, from me, you cannot hide.
I will expose your hidden side.
By flower purple and candle white,
I bring all deceptions to light!

Light the candle just before you are going to see the person you suspect of lying to you. If possible, have the candle burning while you subtly question them about the truth. Do not let them know about the candle.

A Lapis Lazuli Truth Spell

Lapis lazuli has long been associated with honesty, clarity, and communication. It is also associated with power. If you want the power to uncover the truth, then do the following

Cleanse a lapis lazuli stone or piece of jewelry by passing it through incense smoke. In a blue candle, carve the word "Honesty." Carve the word "Truth" in a white one. Anoint both with clary sage oil.

Set the lapis lazuli stone between the two candles. Light them, and say...

Truth that I seek,
Come now to me.
All hidden things,
Be revealed to me.
By wax and flame,
Smoke and stone,
All will be revealed,
All will be known.

Let the candles burn completely, if you can. When they have, bury the remains near your front door. Carry or wear the lapis lazuli whenever you are in the company of someone you suspect of lying to you.

Stop a Liar's Tongue

This spell is a little intense, but it is effective. You will need a whole beef tongue, cut up one side to form a pocket. You will also need mustard seeds, cayenne pepper, a piece of parchment, and seven each of needles, nails, and pins.

Begin by cutting a slip of parchment. On it, write the name of the person you suspect of lying to you. Tuck it into the cow's tongue, along with seven pinches of mustard and seven of cayenne. As you do this, chant...

No more lies shall come from you,
All you tell me must be true.

Roll the tongue up, and pin it closed with the needles, nails, and pins. Every time you stick the tongue, say...

No more of your dishonesty,
You must tell the truth to me.

Bind the tongue in cloth, and leave it somewhere in nature along with an offering. Seven pennies is traditional.

A Spell to Divine Someone's True Nature

Lemon is a cleansing herb. It does not matter which form of lemon you use -- the dried peel, the juice, or the essential oil -- all of it can help you clear away deception.

To do this spell, you will need a bowl (preferably a dark one) half-full of water, sea salt, and some form of lemon.

Add seven drops of lemon to the water. (If you use lemon oil, add a little bit of alcohol to the water to help it mix. If you use dried lemon, brew it into a tea and add that to the water.) Follow this by adding a generous spoonful of sea salt. Stir clockwise, with your dominant hand, until the salt dissolves.

When you are ready, sit back and let your gaze rest on the surface of the water. Picture the person you suspect of being dishonest. See their face, expressionless, reflected in the bowl. Dip your finger in the bowl, and let a drop fall into the water to disturb the surface. Ask the bowl to reveal your target's true nature to you.

Repeat this three times, until you have seen all of the layers of their personality. In the end, gaze into their soul reflected in the bowl of water. You may want to try to journal or sketch what you see, so you can interpret it later.

Suspecting someone of lying is an awful feeling. If you think a friend, family member, or lover is not being completely honest with you, these spells can help you uncover what they may be trying to hide.